Re: Retrospect on Mac OS X (server)

2000-06-01 Thread Jon Stevens
on 6/1/2000 6:22 AM, Eric Ullman at [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi all, Apple has said that Mac OS X Server, as it exists it today, will be replaced by a new one based on their upcoming Mac OS X release. We are planning on supporting Mac OS X, and the new Mac OS X Server, with a new

[ADMIN] Re: [1]Re: Miscompare on same files every night?

2000-06-16 Thread Jon Stevens
on 6/16/2000 4:20 PM, "Irina Tarasova" [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: [1]Re: Miscompare on same file 6/16/2000 I will be on vacation till 7/5/2000. If you need immediate assistance, call Help Desk at 6688. Ug. she has been removed from the list. as a reminder to you all, don't be stupid and

Re: Mac packet sniffer

2000-12-01 Thread Jon Stevens
on 12/1/2000 11:52 AM, "Douglas K Wyman" [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Does anyone know of a Mac utility that can sniff ethernet packets to diagnose the integrity of an ethernet network? I'm not trying to look at the contents of the packets, just to see whether any are being dropped or whether

Re: Mac OS x

2000-12-18 Thread Jon Stevens
on 12/18/2000 4:34 PM, "sam edwards" [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi All, Just a quick question - sorry if this is a repeat (I couldn't find any archives for the listserv - honestly!!) is linked at the footer of every single message posted to this list. Also, it is the FIRST link

Re: Mac OS x

2000-12-18 Thread Jon Stevens
on 12/18/2000 6:30 PM, "Scott Ponzani" [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Any way to search the archives by keyword? (Sorry if I missed something obvious.) -jon -- Honk if you love peace and quiet. --


2001-02-23 Thread Jon Stevens
. p.s. The new list will be hosted on new software which will give us nice threaded web based archives of the messages as well as many other features (including faster list response time). thanks, -jon stevens listadmin -- -- To subscribe


2001-02-24 Thread Jon Stevens
on 2/23/01 7:53 PM, "Ben Liberman" [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Will the new threaded web based interfaced archives start new or will they include all past messages? It will start new, but I will make the past digests available still. p.s. don't CC me on replies, i'm on the list and will see the

Re: Encryption protection

2001-02-27 Thread Jon Stevens
on 2/27/01 7:11 AM, "Todd Reed" [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Eric, Thanks for your reply. What I would like to know is what kind of computing horsepower is necessary to crack SimpleCrypt's encryption protection? If someone acquired a tape from me that was encrypted, what kind of resources

Re: Encryption protection

2001-02-27 Thread Jon Stevens
on 2/27/01 10:31 PM, "Eric Ullman" [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: This is definitely an issue with encryption. Cracking various encryption methods is really only a question of time, computing power, and some luck. Heck, I thought DES was cracked in 1998! I'm not sure the exact date it was cracked,

Re: Encryption protection

2001-02-28 Thread Jon Stevens
on 2/28/01 11:30 AM, "Todd Reed" [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I understand from the replies here that SimpleCrypt isn't secure, at least in the sense that with enough time the encryption scheme can be defeated. That's true for any scheme if you have infinite amounts of time and computers. What

Sales of hardware and software on this list

2001-02-28 Thread Jon Stevens
on 2/28/01 4:51 PM, "Adam Cohen" [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I am sorry if this is not the correct forum to let users know but since we talk about backup it seemed that this drive could help someone in the field. It is perfectly acceptable to offer hardware and software for sale on this list.

Re: Ecrix VXA 33/66 tapes with Retrospect

2001-03-01 Thread Jon Stevens
on 3/1/01 8:04 AM, "Garret J. Cleversley" [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I am very happy with this as graphics files are very compressible (sp?). Garret Eh? It really depends on the type of file you are compressing. If the image (or any data for that matter) is already stored in a compressed

ecrix drive

2001-03-05 Thread Jon Stevens
Hey all, Based on feedback on this list, the fact that there is great Ecrix representation here on the list as well as the recent Tidbits article, I just ordered the Ecrix Model 115.00208 drive for my home office. I will do another report on it when I get it and put it into use. :-) Now if only

Re: Onstream FW30 - Error 105 Device Problem

2001-03-05 Thread Jon Stevens
on 3/5/01 11:21 AM, "Jeff Grossman" [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Where can I find Firewire Drivers 2.5? Jeff The obvious place: -jon -- If you come from a Perl or PHP background, JSP is a way to take your pain to

Re: Duplicate Volume Question

2001-03-06 Thread Jon Stevens
on 3/6/01 5:55 AM, "Michael Lach" [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I'd like to use Retrospect to make an exact copy of a drive--and to delete files on the destination that I've deleted on the original. How do I do this? Thanks. -Michael Lach Erase the destination before doing the backup? :-)

Re: Retro

2001-03-07 Thread Jon Stevens
on 3/7/01 4:04 PM, "Eric Ullman" [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi John, I'm trying to understand something. Can you tell me *why* you want to perform a complete backup every night? Why not incrementals? Thanks! Eric Ullman Dantz Development In my case, for Clear Ink, I built a system