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> Hi John,
> I'm trying to understand something. Can you tell me *why* you want to
> perform a complete backup every night? Why not incrementals?
> Thanks!
> Eric Ullman
> Dantz Development

In my case, for Clear Ink, I built a system with amanda as the backup tool
because we needed something to backup the Unix boxes.

They have *daily full backups* of the unix boxes (everything would fit on
one DLT tape and the backups would only take a total of about 4 hours...at
the time on a 10mbit network...CI has sinced moved to a routed and switched
100bt network so it is probably faster now).

Each night, the previous nights tape would go home with a trusted employee
and the employee would bring the oldest tape back.

We had enough tapes for 4 weeks (5 day weeks) worth of backups (ie: 20 DLT
tapes...not cheap). The tapes were re-used on a rotational basis and new
tapes were bought every once and a while in order to cycle in fresh media.

If one tape fails, we would only be out a minimum of a single day's worth of
data and a max of maybe a couple days (if there are multiple failures). If
the building burns down or hardware was stolen, we could still get tapes
from the home.

Ultra redundant and very failsafe.



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