RE: Dave-ML and the Australian Janus C++ Interface class.

2005-08-12 Thread Jon Berndt
I hope this will be of interest. It is. Unfortunately, the last reference in the paper lists an URL that isn't one: [Brian, 2004] G. Brian, Flight Systems Units of Measure Guidelines, viewed 12 December 2004, http://larda/Reference/UnitStandard/FltSysUnitStandard.html. Is this the same

Table data, XSL, and SVG

2005-11-30 Thread Jon Berndt
I was noticing a gridded table definition (from the example on the DAVEML web site): functionDefn name=CL_FN griddedTable name=CL_TABLE breakpointRefs bpRef bpID=MACH1/ bpRef bpID=ALPHA1/ /breakpointRefs confidenceBound value=95%/