[vchkpw] writing a relaying app

2007-07-19 Thread Darek M.
that doesn't have that functionality for vpopmail but has functionality to execute a program after a successful login. Thanks, Darek

Re: [vchkpw] writing a relaying app

2007-07-19 Thread Darek M.
Ismail YENIGUL wrote: Hi Darek, Did you check open_smtp_relay() function in vpopmail.c If you use this function also you can also remove the IP address of the user from the tcp.smtp.cdb after a certain time-period (timeout) by modifying the tcp.smtp files (tcp.smtp, open-smtp, tcp.smtp.cdb

Re: [vchkpw] writing a relaying app

2007-07-19 Thread Darek M.
Remo Mattei wrote: not sure why you have to do that since it is working :) Just my 2 cents.. Remo I don't know how I would use the existing bit of code as a standalone scriptable command line program. If it is possible, I would like to hear about it. Darek M. wrote: Ismail YENIGUL

Re: [vchkpw] writing a relaying app

2007-07-19 Thread Darek M.
Ismail YENIGUL wrote: Hi Darek, I think this can be small but nice add-on software for qmail+vpopmail systems. Which IMAP server are you using? Also can you tell me how do you configure the IMAP to run a command after log-in successfully. I'm evaluating Dovecot, over Courier. It already

[vchkpw] User quota over NFS

2006-07-18 Thread Darek M
for any info. - Darek

[vchkpw] qmail-default incorrect behavior

2005-12-29 Thread Darek Milewski
I'm not positive that this is a vpopmail issue, but am leaning more towards vpopmail than qmail. Perhaps it is a known issue, but I haven't been able to get any decent search results for it. When the .qmail-default file is set to bounce, mail for accounts with or without a .qmail-user file

[vchkpw] vpopmail set sender to x using -f

2004-03-09 Thread Darek Milewski
Hello list, I've noticed an abberrant behaviour from vpopmail illustrated below. Both are for the same user of domain tld.com. 'hostname' is the hostname of the machine. Mar 9 08:12:02 hostname.tld.com: vpopmail set sender to [EMAIL PROTECTED] using -f Mar 9 09:29:54 hostname.tld.com:

[vchkpw] vpopmail 5.3.9 and APOP?

2003-07-21 Thread Darek M
I could not find any documentation regarding APOP support in vpopmail. Tried the webpage, the mailing list archives, google, deja. etc and came up with nothing concrete. Could someone explain it to me briefly or provide a link to some decent documentation? I read that APOP support is included

[vchkpw] Upgrading an old vpopmail install

2002-11-04 Thread Darek
Hey guys, I want to go from vpopmail-4.9.8 to probably 5.2.1, or maybe the unstable branch. This is a live system and I am a bit weary about everything working without as much as 5 minutes of downtime. The only difference that I could see between a new version and the old is the placement of