Re: [WISPA] I want to port their numbers!!!!

2008-08-26 Thread cw
You can do something like this or T.38 works. All phone numbers are portable. Your CLEC or ILEC has no choice in the matter. - cw John McDowell wrote: Local Cooperative Telco will not let us port. What is my work around? Order PRI

Re: [WISPA] SR5 vs. XR5

2008-11-04 Thread cw
It's not the output power that differentiates SR radios from XR radios. We got better quality links from 100mW CM9s than SR cards. The XR radios are finer grained and hear better. Mario Pommier wrote: what is the output of those cards? the xr5 are 600mW aren't they? aren't the sr5 400mW?

Re: [WISPA] 1.9ghz?

2008-11-07 Thread cw
like cell phones. I've seen a two line version that is only available in U.K. - cw [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Mike Hammett wrote: *nods* DECT is a cordless phone protocol that operates in its own band. It's just recently starting to catch on here in the states, but it has been quite popular

Re: [WISPA] Remote Monitoring and ALERTING of battery levels...will these work??

2008-12-20 Thread cw
can ping will work. - cw John McDowell wrote: We've deployed one of the RMS version 1 boards from This has given us visibility of voltage levels on our batteriesBUT, does anyone know how to have these devices actually alert you when battery levels are low

Re: [WISPA] VoIP as a service offering

2006-06-19 Thread cw
VoIP is going to be a steady stream of anywhere from 30k to 100k depending on codec, equipment and handshake. Lets not forget that 30k packet is a 28k header with a 2k payload. Make sure your infrastructure can handle 20,000 packets per second. -- WISPA Wireless List:


2006-08-03 Thread cw
? - cw Lonnie Nunweiler wrote: Whoa, bad assumption Rick. We would never be waiting for anything from Tranzeo. I was saying we are awaiting our first batch of SR9 for evaluation and our own network, but that many of our customers have already tested SR9's with our software, and they report excellent

Re: [WISPA] SR9's

2006-08-03 Thread cw
that might penetrate mountains. - cw George Rogato wrote: When you say limited success, can you give examples? I'm about to buy some and would like to know what kinds of issues pop up. Currently I'm using Trango 900 and RF Linx 900 UDC's and know the limitations of those radios, wondering how

Re: [WISPA] SR9's

2006-08-04 Thread cw
quite abit. I bought some 900 Yagi's to use, but only have one in service. Guess it will be interesting to see what we can do with these new cards. George cw wrote: I have almost no clue. We've had little time to play with them and I have no frame of reference. We've never used 900MHz before

[WISPA] Re: StarOS

2006-08-17 Thread cw
With the nazi administration currently in power, one should think twice before deciding someone shouldn't be allowed to say or write things. But, I must say this statement is like a Linux loon calling FreeBSD crap. - cw JohnnyO wrote: I was not interested in reading posts labled Routerboard

[WISPA] SR9 Performance

2006-08-31 Thread cw
was worse than disappointing. I'd appreciate any antenna suggestions. Thanks, cw TerraNovaNet http://www.TerraNova.Net [EMAIL PROTECTED] 305-453-4011 Think globally. Act locally. Conserve resources. -- WISPA Wireless List: Subscribe/Unsubscribe:

Re: [WISPA] SR9 Performance

2006-09-05 Thread cw
at documentation for yagi propagation? I'll be real interested to see if you get any penetration at a mile or more. - cw Lonnie Nunweiler wrote: We have not finished testing yet so we are keeping a bit quiet. I do not wish to promote this until I know for sure it is reliable. I can say

Re: [WISPA] Lack of Competition

2006-09-20 Thread cw
Disparaging remarks of this nature are dysfunctional. Opinions are like assholes; everybody has one but nobody wants to hear it. - cw Mark Koskenmaki wrote: I can't believe that someone would be dumb enough to write this... The biggest problem is a lack of FEDERAL POLICY Oh, please

Re: [WISPA] Insurance for use of bucket truck or lift for installs.

2006-11-15 Thread cw
You might have your agent try Progressive. Ours is listed as a ladder/bucket truck and they never said that was a problem. It's $2200/yr with collision and a million liability. Seems expensive to me but Florida insurance rates are just that way. - cw Dylan Bouterse wrote: I'd like to hear

Re: [WISPA] Wireless Security biting you in the ass?

2006-11-27 Thread cw
the net. How many layers of security are the other vendors offering? I've got two; encryption and private network. - cw John Scrivner wrote: It does not matter if the responsibility is the network admin or not when it comes down to purchase time. It comes down to perception. Right now perception

Re: [WISPA] illegal CPE installs

2006-11-28 Thread cw
Why don't you order service installed at your house from them? Then you'd know exactly what they are doing. Marlon K. Schafer wrote: Make DAMN sure you know what they are doing and with what frequencies first though. Nothing worse than making that kind of false accusation. -- WISPA Wireless

Re: [WISPA] 900 Mhz Mikrotik SR9 Clients

2006-11-30 Thread cw $262 ea in ten packs + roo. Rick Smith wrote: Where are people buying their SR9 client setups, if at all ? What kind of pricing per CPE I'm looking at a couple places, and coming back with like $350 each for a rootenna / cable / SR9 / P.S. and RB112 Anyone

Re: [WISPA] 900 Mhz Mikrotik SR9 Clients

2006-12-01 Thread cw
SR9 on WAR at 5MHz is about 6Mb Tom DeReggi wrote: We are finding that for most of the OEM 900 product though, best case speed gets close to 1mbps on a 5mhz channel. So Trango, is still our dominent choice, from towers,m where we do not need the flexibility and low cost of relaying. -- WISPA

Re: [WISPA] 900 Mhz Mikrotik SR9 Clients

2006-12-01 Thread cw
I would be extremely interested in your $250 solution if it didn't have that stupid software governor on it limiting bandwidth. What is it, 3Mb x 2Mb? What's the actual throughput? - cw Patrick Leary wrote: Dang, that's as much as $100 more than a real BreezeACCESS CPE (under

Re: [WISPA] TV white spaces

2007-02-06 Thread cw
. WISPs aren't the only ones shitting in their nests. Every day they pile it higher and one just has to figure out another way around the edges. - cw Patrick Leary wrote: No FUD being slung here. On the 4.9 issue I filed that question and deal with that assumption quite a bit. I suspect your

Re: [WISPA] Routers

2007-02-07 Thread cw
We use WAR boards but if it's resi wireless LAN needed, these work fine They have Atheros chipset and are $22 delivered. Throw them away when they die. All the consumer grade stuff lasts the same length of time. Ross Cornett wrote: Hey guys, I hope

Re: [WISPA] Routers

2007-02-08 Thread cw
Follow the link I pasted Anthony R. Mattke wrote: Where are you finding those boards for $22 a piece? -Tony cw wrote: We use WAR boards but if it's resi wireless LAN needed, these work fine They have Atheros

Re: [WISPA] Routers

2007-02-08 Thread cw
Those _are_ Netgear routers. The thread was looking for consumer grade routers. All sub hundred dollar wireless routers are going to lose their way periodically and require power cycling. This particular router has Atheros chipset and it's priced for throw away so you don't have to waste more

Re: [WISPA] Form 445

2007-02-12 Thread cw
No, thank you. I've already wasted most of the day completing the forms but our post office run for the day is already gone. So, I was wondering if our forms could be post marked Tuesday instead of Monday. - cw John Scrivner wrote: Kris Twomey says he can handle our filing on behalf of all

Re: [WISPA] how to find good wireless integrators?

2008-04-20 Thread cw
Valemount StarOS. Rogelio wrote: On Sun, Apr 20, 2008 at 10:52 AM, Marlon K. Schafer [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Grin, yeah. That's one of the reasons it's been so hard for the big boys to do unlicensed. It really requires feet, good feet, on the ground. marlon So, which vendors do you

Re: [WISPA] CALEA Exemption for Small Wireless ISPs

2007-05-02 Thread cw
services. I don't like or trust government but I don't think they're out of line requiring providers be CALEA compliant. This one ain't special interests motivated. - cw Jack Unger wrote: Dear Representative Stupak, I'm writing to support your request on March 14, 2007 asking that the FCC

Re: [WISPA] PortaOne?

2007-05-05 Thread cw
I'd be interested to know if anyone has used their soft switch. Apparently all the pieces bundled together can be purchased for $66,000. That's a very attractive price for a soft switch of this quality. - cw Zack Kneisley wrote: Anyone have an opinion on this companies offerings? They now

Re: [WISPA] File your FCC form 477

2007-08-29 Thread cw
We've got until midnight Friday, right? I don't see any reason to start on this before Friday afternoon. Rick Harnish wrote: Thanks Cliff, I know my secretary has been busting all day to get ours done. I was going to make a post to but you beat me to it. Rick Harnish -Original

Re: [WISPA] AntiVirus Sortware

2007-09-08 Thread cw
Real men use vi. Mac Dearman wrote: (The UNIX version is text user interface based-its message editor inspired the text editor Pico.) Signed, Anonymous from LA. (That's Los Angeles) ** Join us at the WISPA