RE: [WISPA] Atheros speed WRAP vs RB532

2005-10-11 Thread Paul Hendry
Tom, You say that connection tracking is on. I advised you to turn this of (i.e untick all the boxes in the connection tracking sub menu). To give an example, we have a 28km link with WRAP's/CM9's/5.8GHz at each end. Signal sits at around -71 (qual 24) and we hard set the rate on both end

Re: [WISPA] Atheros speed WRAP vs RB532

2005-10-11 Thread George
Paul Hendry wrote: as we have no intention of using them at 20 or 40Mhz. This to me is the beauty of the WAR StarVX platform. The links I have up now are 10MHz. With limited spectrum available to us, it's the frugal thing to do. George -- WISPA Wireless List:

Re: [WISPA] PTP Link

2005-10-11 Thread Marlon K. Schafer (509) 982-2181
You could go with the Trango Atlas. Or I've got some of the Airaya gear. I think it's 5.3 only so you'd probably need slightly bigger antennas for it. And the new SB nexus gear is coming back with great reports from the field. I think all of those are Atheros based radios. that help?


2005-10-11 Thread Martin Stewart
Title: ISPCON Roll Call Anyone on this list going to ISPCON next week? Looks like the vendor list keeps growing and I hear attendance is up. This conference is a great opportunity to catch up on what is new for Service Providers and has a special emphasis on

Re: [WISPA] Industry Canada Committee

2005-10-11 Thread Carl A Jeptha
I have a text file of all the notable comments made for to the FCC by you guys and will put together a letter made from the comments. Life is strange, I almost have contracts with almost all of the municipalities in our county and we are gearing up for a major rollout of internet in the

[WISPA] Lan sakes this won't work

2005-10-11 Thread Ron Wallace
Guys, Gals, Kids, Allagators, I'm nearly butt deep in allagators here, down on the farm. I have a bridge feeding Linksys Router from my PtMP system. from here it goes like this: Bridge (sB-ABO) 75' -- Linksys BEFSR41--125' Cat5e--- to Bridge (sB-ABi)feeding Superpatch 8.5 dB