Re: [WISPA] TrangoLink45 question

2009-11-27 Thread cam
Do a spectrum scan on the RU side of things and see if it is clear. You may have some new interference. Easy enough to check. -Cameron I thought about that, but: That is a lot of downtime for my primary backhaul link That requires 2 climbers, etc. I would like to find some other

Re: [WISPA] Need 18ghz link

2009-02-11 Thread cam
I'll go with this, Tom has made very valid points. -Cameron I second what Tom says. We need another affordable 24GHz solution. On Wed, Feb 11, 2009 at 5:47 PM, Tom DeReggi wirelessn...@rapiddsl.netwrote: Well, I'll add a couple comments, before the group chimes in I agree, that in

Re: [WISPA] 5.8ghz PTP

2009-09-01 Thread cam
20mhz channel using dual pol antennas. I'm trying to use an off the shelf system if you will. I like the Solectek unit, but it does not have adaptive modulation so for the 13 Mile shot that I have across Ocean where I can see as much as a 20db drop even with 32db dish antennas. I want to replace a

Re: [WISPA] Waverider Vs Alvarion VL 900

2009-09-29 Thread cam
They have upgraded one of my older units as well. I have two more of the older units left, thankfully they are in the air and in low noise areas, I hope to have them upgraded soon just because. -Cameron You shouldn't have to worry too much about the old product because I think they did a 100%

Re: [WISPA] DHCP options

2009-10-08 Thread cam
You guys are starting to develop this...I'm listening This option 82 sounds interested. Google here I come. -Cameron I've never seen that. Is it the switch that gathers the info or what? -Original Message- From: [] On

Re: [WISPA] DHCP options

2009-10-09 Thread cam
PPPoE we have found to be very difficult working with different routers that customer bring to the table to connect up. We use MT with radius before with PPPoE and some work and then some wouldn't. It was just a pain. We are looking to provide Public IP via DHCP, the options is does MT does this

[WISPA] Wireless Backhaul options/test/results

2007-12-09 Thread cam
Hello all, I am in the need of upgrading some backhauls. We are currently using Alvarion AUVL units with a SU-54-BD. According to Alvarion, this link is only capable of 16mbit each way (Alvarion, please call it a 32mbit radio.) We have looked into results on users who use Alvarion B100, Trango

Re: [WISPA] EZ Times Connectors

2008-02-06 Thread cam
This are the ones we have been using for years. Male Tessco part number: 431926 -Cameron Midcoast Internet Solutions Rockland, Maine I was going to try out the Times EZ style connectors for LMR400. I saw several part numbers, Specifically... EZ-400-NMH-D EZ-400-NMK They were referenced

Re: [WISPA] TrangoLINK-45

2008-02-19 Thread cam
Except the cost of a B100 you can buy 3 Trango Link 45 units right now of course one could always stand here and argue the differences in equipment regarding trango and alvarion since I use both of them. Cameron Midcoast Internet BreezeNET B100s now support software selectable 10, 20 or 40

Re: [WISPA] TrangoLINK-45

2008-02-19 Thread cam
I'm not 100% I always use my Procurve switches for the VLAN and leave the Trango as a dummy bridge. Cameron Midcoast Internet After running the numbers, it does look like I can get some decent throughput out of this thing in 5.3 using the integrated antennas at 6.5 miles. Certainly better


2008-02-22 Thread cam
I get most of our Rohn equipment from Tessco. However, our tower guy is a distributer for Pirod which are great towers as well. (solid rod) I hope your not doing a free standing 60 footer in 25G, that would scare the hell out of me. 45g (maybe) -Cameron Who are you guys buying free standing

[WISPA] Rohn Torque Arms

2008-03-12 Thread cam
I have a small (80 foot) Rohn 25G tower going up hopefully Friday, but I need two torque arms and a vendor failed to tell us they were backordered until next month. does anyone have a couple to spare they could get to me next day air? Please e-mail me offlist or call my cell phone. Cameron

Re: [WISPA] tower install

2008-03-13 Thread cam
sounds pretty reasonable. Did you already buy the tower yourself or are they providing everything? -Cameron We are installing a tower (super titian sc 100 200 foot) in east Texas. We have got a bunch of quotes from different companies. We have received between $12,000-$24,000 for complete

Re: [WISPA] Off Grid System Design Comments.

2008-03-17 Thread cam
We are installing a new tower very soon (in the next couple weeks) that will be run completely off Wind power with a 400-watt wind turbine. Of course we will have 6 105 amp hour batteries. Our draw at one of our popular sites is under 375 watts. This using a PC-Based MikroTik/ HP Procurve 2524, 6

Re: [WISPA] Off Grid System Design Comments.

2008-03-17 Thread cam
This will be our first wind site. We will get some pretty wind at the location. However we have been using Solar on sites since 2000 on a couple Island Off shore up here in Maine. -Cameron I have had nothing but heartbreak with wind. Solar always works well. Wind, no joy for me... -

Re: [WISPA] Off Grid System Design Comments.

2008-03-17 Thread cam
We may through a solar panel or two at site if we have wind troubles, but this site will be using sub 100 watts. -Cameron double or triple your batteries... JohnnyO - Original Message - From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] To: WISPA General List Sent: Monday, March 17,

Re: [WISPA] Off Grid System Design Comments.

2008-03-17 Thread cam
Sounds like this project could get interesting, I'll have more details to follow. I'll have some pictures of the two tower installs soon. -Cameron !DOCTYPE html PUBLIC -//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN html head meta content=text/html;charset=ISO-8859-1 http-equiv=Content-Type /head

Re: [WISPA] Off Grid System Design Comments.

2008-03-17 Thread cam
This sounds like my first reaction when my boss told me we were going wind powerd (crazy). So, guessing from the orignal poster of the thread, many advise to go SOLAR!! Which I prefer anyhow. -Cameron Travis - the startup speed of these Air-X generators is around 10mph... that doesn't mean

Re: [WISPA] outdoor CAT5

2008-03-26 Thread cam
fall and the boxes get wet. I need to have something a bit more reliable in the future. Other than the current spool/box setup. I've had no complaints about Shireen cable. -Cam I spoke with Shireen (Soe Zarni) about the issue we have been having with the poor quality of their reel boxes. Soe

Re: [WISPA] signal too hot!

2010-03-02 Thread cam
Buy cheap fiber media converters and some fiber if they are that close. -Cameron I know, we just discussed this topic a few weeks ago. I've got a new customer who is right next to a grain silo and the issue is that it drops their connection with XBox. I'm not getting complaints from anyone