Re: [WSG] Background image not visible in ie

2009-04-29 Thread Ben Dodson
Hi Lyn, I've tested it in IE7 and it works ok, but just isn't working in IE6 (it loads but is blue at one end rather than white). The reason for this is that you're using a transparent PNG which isn't supported on IE6 and below. There are tons of examples of this (and how to fix it) on

Re: [WSG] Background image not visible in ie

2009-04-29 Thread Ben Dodson
It does of course require JavaScript which isn't strictly necessary as you can get the same effect with just CSS (especially for the purposes of the example given initially). With regards to background image positioning, I'm fairly sure there is no way to stop it going to position (0,0) as

Re: [WSG] PNG - how cross-browser standard reliable?

2009-04-27 Thread Ben Dodson
Only if they are PNGs with alpha transparencies - these are not supported in IE6 amongst others (although there are hacks). If it's just a straightforward image, then PNG will be absolutely fine. Ben --- e: w: Feeling social? Connect with me on

Re: [WSG] meta tag questions

2009-02-24 Thread Ben Dodson
I don't know about the Dublin Core issue but my gut feeling with geo.position and your example would be that of course the bed and breakfast in Pisa, Italy should have their location as the hotel will always be in the same place. I think that you've looked at the issue from the wrong side

Re: [WSG] iphone should not be part of your url

2008-07-20 Thread Ben Dodson
I don't personally have a problem with having iphone in a URL as it is generally used for applications that are very specific to the iphone. Yes, perhaps there should be versions for other devices (e.g. Nokia) but the reality is that most developers won't bother making specific sites for these

Re: [WSG] AJAX short courses london

2008-06-01 Thread Ben Dodson
Just thought I'd throw my 2 cents in. I've always learnt things from either books or from chatting with other developers in IRC (there are no doubt some ajax specific groups - I recommend #jquery for the jQuery library which is my particular ajax weapon of choice). Accreditations are

Re: [WSG] Conditional styles not being used on first-run

2008-05-24 Thread Ben Dodson
Hello, Here is quite a good article on how to automatically version your js and css files to prevent caching issues: Cheers, Ben -- e: [EMAIL PROTECTED] w: On Sat, May 24, 2008 at

Re: R: [WSG] Firefox skips dropdown and multi-select list with tabbing (?)

2008-05-05 Thread Ben Dodson
If it's a mac issue, the most usual cause is that full keyboard access isn't enabled. Solve this by going to System Preferences - Keyboard Mouse - Keyboard Shortcuts - select the All Controls radio button in the full keyboard access section at the bottom of the pane (not in the scrollable area).

Re: [WSG] How to make diagonal lines change color?

2008-04-11 Thread Ben Dodson
Completely unrelated but a minor bugbear from me - If you disable images, then you can't read your links as they are white and the usual browser background color default is white. This can be remedied by adding a background color of black to your body so that the links will now become visible

Re: [WSG] Dreamweaver CS3

2008-04-04 Thread Ben Dodson
If you're using a mac then I must highly recommend TextMate ( as the best text-editor I've ever used. It has full syntax highlighting but it's real power comes with snippets, code blocks you can program yourself. For example I can type if and press tab and it will

Re: [WSG] IE8 news - stats

2008-03-09 Thread Ben Dodson
As mentioned previously, people with illegal copies of XP can now upgrade to IE7 - Ben -- e: [EMAIL PROTECTED] w: On 09/03/2008, Andrew Boyd [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: John, most of the IE6

Re: [WSG] Firefox developer toolbar

2008-03-08 Thread Ben Dodson
At present, no it doesn't - Hopefully it will do soon though! You can keep up to date at the authors website at Ben -- e: [EMAIL PROTECTED] w: On 08/03/2008, Hayden's Harness Attachment [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I hope this is not off topic.

Re: [WSG] Links are not hot in ie8

2008-03-06 Thread Ben Dodson
I agree, the page that microsoft loads by default in IE8 (their own site) breaks horribly because of an embedded map - You'd think that they would fix the start-up page of the new beta as it doesn't really give off the best impression! Ben -- e: [EMAIL PROTECTED] w: On

Re: [WSG] IE8 news

2008-03-06 Thread Ben Dodson
It depends on how Microsoft are going to get users to upgrade - If they do a forced upgrade then that figure could go down and presumably if a service pack for vista comes out it will include IE8 in it by default so hopefully it will be more like a year and a half rather than 2 and a half. My

Re: [WSG] IE8 news

2008-03-06 Thread Ben Dodson
(GMT) Ben Dodson apparently typed: My main hope is that the number of IE6 users will decrease rapidly as there are still over 20% of the market according to the W3C statistics. Apparently Microsoft were going to do a forced upgrade from IE6 to IE7 at the end of Feb but I don't know how well

Re: [WSG] IE8 news

2008-03-05 Thread Ben Dodson
I've just installed and it seems a lot better than IE7 - A few pages I have that have differences between IE7 and firefox now render exactly like firefox which is good :-) The switch to IE7 mode is a good bonus to have but there are a few weird things such as the url in the address bar is always

Re: [WSG] Experience with Adobe Contribute

2008-03-02 Thread Ben Dodson
Hi, The latest version of Contribute (CS3) is not actually that bad. We use it all the time for our clients at work and generally the feedback is quite good. Contribute allows you to edit the text on a page just like you would with something like Word or Dreamweaver. You can also set it to

Re: [WSG] Experience with Adobe Contribute

2008-03-02 Thread Ben Dodson
Rob Crowther wrote: As far as I'm aware, though I may be wrong - this was Contribute 3 and I didn't look in too much detail, you can't force users to only use styles out of your existing stylesheets. In Contribute CS3 you can set it up so that they can only use styles from a specific style

Re: [WSG] Unobtrusive JavaScript (was: generate data)

2008-02-26 Thread Ben Dodson
Hi, Although I'm a jQuery man myself, it's good to see someone actively encouraging the use of unobtrusive javascript although I would make one or two tweaks. Wouldn't it be better to add your class hooks to the p rather than to an a as at present, if the user had javascript disabled then they


2007-12-21 Thread Ben Dodson
You could surely block all emails that have out of office in the subject that would cut out about 90% of them! Ben -- e: [EMAIL PROTECTED] w: On 21/12/2007, Chris Williams [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I belong to 20+ email lists, yet this is the ONLY list upon

Re: [WSG] Markup an Address?

2007-08-10 Thread Ben Dodson
Looking for best practice markup for addresses. There is an ADDRESS attribute in HTML but this is usually for the purpose of defining the address of the author (rather than the address of what you're discussing in the content). The best thing to do would be to use the hCard microformat which

Re: [WSG] (X)HTML Best Practice Sheet goes live

2007-08-10 Thread Ben Dodson
It's (hyphen instead of underscore). -- e: [EMAIL PROTECTED] w: *** List Guidelines: Unsubscribe:

Re: [WSG] Site check Please - new thread

2007-05-16 Thread Ben Dodson You've got a transparent background-color set somewhere as all of the white space on the sides of the content and under the footer is currently browser default (mine is set to pink so I can see sites that aren't defining background-colors!). This prob isn't much

Re: [WSG] colour matching transparent png files

2007-04-11 Thread Ben Dodson
Please don't give up on PNG for the sake of one old make of browser! Give IE 5/6 Windows its own style that's usable but not quite as pretty. That has 42.3% of the market share. I use 24bit transparent pngs on my sites and then use a

Re: [WSG] Site Check:

2007-03-07 Thread Ben Dodson
Hey Dylan, Great job on the site - it looks really good! I particularly like the way you've added click to return home on your logo, a really nice touch. Only criticism I would say is not to do with the standards or anything, but I'd give a rough idea of how long it takes you to build each

Re: [WSG] Javascript to check for Handheld Devices

2007-03-01 Thread Ben Dodson
Search Engines don't read JavaScript but the question wasn't about search. Lots of mobile devices think that they are actually screen browsers so this may be causing some problems - My phone (Nokia N73) has 2 browsers; one that reads handheld sheets and one that reads screen sheets. Can I