RE: [WSG] New CSS site

2004-03-11 Thread Leslie Riggs
, nice job. Leslie Riggs

RE: [WSG] Next Sydney meeting - a fantastic guest presenter

2004-03-18 Thread Leslie Riggs
that contain streaming audio/video. If only I could get to Sydney...but it is not to be. Thanks for the information, Russ. Leslie Riggs * The discussion list for See

RE: [WSG] Ot kinda ...CSS tags and Safari Bookmarks?

2004-03-23 Thread Leslie Riggs
I've used and checked their reference pages for CSS and CSS2. Very helpful, with examples to demonstrate. Leslie This one comes in handy personally. Or try Google for any specific CSS tgs or attributes. - Darian

RE: [WSG] My first CSS project

2004-03-31 Thread Leslie Riggs
Hi Teresa, Good going! Unfortunately, we can't evaluate your site if you don't give a URL ;) Leslie Riggs I have recently redesigned my business web site using CSS. I was looking for some feedback. The biggest obstacle I ran into was on the about us Page. I am wondering if I

RE: [WSG] Forms, labels headers

2004-05-08 Thread Leslie Riggs
quote Stop! Before you do anything, the most important thing you can do for your learning process is accept that a) it¹s going to take time, and b) you will be frustrated along the way. /quote Been there and I do agree in principle - I like compact code that makes sense. But if

Re: [WSG] Reminder about Sydney meeting - Thursday 10 June

2004-06-03 Thread Leslie Riggs
I can hardly wait to see the notes! I'm very interested in the topic. Leslie in the USA Presentation notes will be online for out-of-Sydney members soon after the event. Thanks Russ * The discussion list for See

Re: [WSG] SkillSwap

2004-06-03 Thread Leslie Riggs
Well, darn. Is there something like that in the US anywhere? I like the concept. Leslie Sorry folks. Somehow I managed to send this to the wrong mailing list :-( * The discussion list for See

Re: [WSG] Css problems..

2004-06-03 Thread Leslie Riggs
First off, try validating your site - when I ran the W3C HTML validator it came back NOT valid XHTML 1.1 and there were three errors. Second, although you've got a style sheet, your layout is still controlled by tables? I would look at those first before trying to fix the white line issue.

Re: [WSG] What Editors do you guys use?

2004-06-05 Thread Leslie Riggs
sion 5 and you'll get a free upgrade to version 6. Leslie Riggs | What CSS/XHTML/HTML editors do you guys use for hand coding and testing?

Re: [WSG] Ikon, where are you?

2004-07-30 Thread Leslie Riggs
I simply set up a filter for his messages - I'll take the filter back off after 14 August. Leslie Ted Drake wrote: Is there anything we can do to keep the ikon messages contained for the next 2 weeks? He may be on a holiday, but he'll wish he wasn't when he gets back after two weeks of these

Re: [WSG] Site critique

2004-08-16 Thread Leslie Riggs
Got the URL of your site? If the validator is telling you there's an issue with the code generated by Menu Machine, then I'd guess that Menu Machine does not generate standards compliant code? Leslie Tricia Fitzgerald wrote: Hello ~ I am new to css layout design and just recently completed a

Re: [WSG] ultimate noob question.... is table-less layout meaning literally?

2004-08-16 Thread Leslie Riggs
Table-less just means tables aren't used for layout. When used to contain tabular data, that's not layout, that's containing data that SHOULD be in a table. JMHO. Leslie Riggs What about ? That's as complicated a structure as any I've seen, and almost completely

Re: [WSG] Unaccessible - NY Attorney General busts two big name sites

2004-08-23 Thread Leslie Riggs
O, do I second that emotion!!! So many of us just can't get there, and this is invaluable information for us to learn. Leslie Riggs Nancy Johnson wrote: Can his speech be put on your website in some form? Nancy -Original Message- From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED

Re: [WSG] Moz vs. FF

2004-09-17 Thread Leslie Riggs
Am I glad to hear that. I test-drove XStandard, but my browser of choice is FF 0.9. I didn't like being forced to use IE, so that lasted about 10 minutes and I uninstalled XStandard. Otherwise it's a great tool. It's nice to know there will be an Active X-free version out soon. Leslie

Re: [WSG] My Favorite XHTML/CSS/JavaScript/PHP Editor - NO WYSIWYG

2004-09-18 Thread Leslie Riggs
what your code produces in IE and Mozilla. No more fighting with the program just to get what I want out of it - at last, a tool that lets me concentrate on what I'm trying to accomplish. Just a delight to use. Leslie Riggs jEdit: ...and be sure to check out the recommended

Re: [WSG] A Church Website

2004-09-20 Thread Leslie Riggs
So, where's the link? :) Leslie Riggs Olajide Olaolorun wrote: Hi guys, well I just wanted your feedback to a church website that I was making. Though it still has some bugs, probably not much on IE5 please help me check it out Also it is supposed to be avlid CSS and XHTML but I haven't

Re: [WSG] IE problem with CSS tabs

2004-09-30 Thread Leslie Riggs
} The a:active will be what determines how the link looks when a user is on that page. It looks like you were trying to define classes for the links? The colon is used with pseudoclasses as in the info I gave you above. HTH, Leslie Riggs john wrote: Isabel, Forgive me, but could you please clarify your

Re: [WSG] Circle menu

2004-10-22 Thread Leslie Riggs
Greetings Any idea how to create a circle menu that fit the whole screen with html/css only ?? Do you have an example? Perhaps a site that demonstrates what you're trying to do? Leslie Riggs ** The discussion list for http

Re: [WSG] CSS drop-down menus

2004-10-30 Thread Leslie Riggs
Boy, that was a GOOD question! I was all set to start a new project - this saves me some big headaches with my client! Leslie Riggs Jeremy Keith wrote: Shane Helm asked: I am about to start a project that I am going to use CSS drop-down menus at the very top of the web page. Directly below

Re: [WSG] Another site review

2004-11-04 Thread Leslie Riggs
Looks sharp - but doesn't validate. No doctype?? Oh,'s further down the page, should be right up top before anything else. Otherwise the validator defaults to HTML 4.01 Transitional, and with that you have some invalid markup to fix. Leslie Riggs Bennie Shepherd wrote: I would

Re: [WSG] Another site review

2004-11-04 Thread Leslie Riggs
I went to the page by clicking your link, using FF, clicked on the Validator tab in the Web Developer toolbar. Is there a glitch with that tab? Leslie Riggs Bennie Shepherd wrote: The doc type is at the top of the page and the site validates xhtml strict. Are you sure you validated the right

Re: [WSG] web essentials 04 - zeldman video keynote online

2004-11-19 Thread Leslie Riggs
IN the video - ohhh, just the very thought of it thrills me... thud Ugh, that was me coming back to terra firma. Leslie Riggs Not sure if it's been mentioned on the list already, but Zeldman's video keynote for WE04 is available online. (although crikey, that 9MB file

Re: [WSG] web essentials 04 - zeldman video keynote online

2004-11-19 Thread Leslie Riggs
does an enormous, incalculable service for Deaf and hard of hearing professionals like me. We get to smile, laugh, and ponder right along with everyone else, instead of a few seconds later. Leslie Riggs Leslie, I'm trying to figure out if you were being serious, or just sarcastic

Re: [WSG] web essentials 04 - zeldman video keynote online

2004-11-19 Thread Leslie Riggs
impairments. Captioned/subtitled media on the Web is hugely popular with Deaf and hard of hearing people, because it's real-time information in a visual form. Leslie Riggs Now you've got me thinking. Is there anything similar to the Talking Newspapers service for internet content? Should

Re: [WSG] web essentials 04 - zeldman video keynote online

2004-11-20 Thread Leslie Riggs
did update my QuickTime before playing the movie, though, to make sure I had the latest version. How hard was it to caption, Patrick? Is it real time-consuming? Would it be something doable for each of the presentations that are filmed? (a delighted and thankful) Leslie Riggs Patrick H. Lauke

Re: [WSG] positioning problems on netscape

2004-11-23 Thread Leslie Riggs
to your problem. Another suggestion is to develop for Netscape/Mozilla/Opera first, then tweak for IE. The reason for this is because IE's flawed box model (among other things) needs to be compensated for, while the other browsers are much more Web standards compliant. Leslie Riggs i

Re: [WSG] why oh why

2004-11-23 Thread Leslie Riggs
Using FF1.0 on a WinME machine, it doesn't render - I see the code instead. Same result with FF1.0 on XP SP2. Leslie Riggs A friend of mine came across this site yesterday and when he accessed it with Firefox he got nothing but code on the screen. I

Re: [WSG] Weird CSS validation issue

2004-11-24 Thread Leslie Riggs
Well, I noticed a wee thing, maybe it doesn't matter and maybe it does: html xmlns=; xml:lang=en *lang=em* Maybe by tweaking that to read lang=en will fix something? hope it helps, Leslie Riggs Hey all, I'm still fairly new to CSS and wanted to validate my CSS before

Re: [WSG] Semantic markup for publication titles

2004-12-16 Thread Leslie Riggs
Maybe I'm not fully understanding your question, but what about having a class (call it pub or whatever) and then defining font-style: italic in the CSS? Leslie Riggs SEMANTIC MARKUP FOR PUBLICATION TITLES In print the name of a publication is typically type-set in an oblique or italic font

Re: [WSG] Another amazing css zen garden entry

2004-12-16 Thread Leslie Riggs
Now THIS is what makes designing with CSS fun!! I just love this. Leslie Riggs ean.css Make sure you look in a good browser and scroll down! Russ ** The discussion

Re: [WSG] My Site

2004-12-21 Thread Leslie Riggs
selectors you can use, so hopefully you find those helpful. Leslie Riggs I do have one set of head, body and html tags. I have validated my CSS and HTML. ** The discussion list for See

Re: [WSG] Color Scheme Tools (Was: My Site)

2004-12-22 Thread Leslie Riggs
That site works fine in IE6, but in my FF 1.0 on WinXP SP2, instructions don't appear, etc. Doesn't work in FF, in other words. It's awesome, but you have to use it with IE. Leslie In case anyone missed it, is nice too. Tom

Re: [WSG] IE returns a blank page

2005-01-23 Thread Leslie Riggs
Sometimes simply clearing my browser cache does the trick for me - although I'm sure you've already tried this. Leslie Riggs I can't figure out what can be causing the problem, because it doesn't work with any of my friends computers either... this is so weird... Juha-Markku

[WSG] Gap between content and nav on events page in Firefox, looks fine in IE6

2005-02-03 Thread Leslie Riggs
is here: Validated XHTML 1.1, CSS validated too. I probably have been deep into this so long I can't see the problem.. Any suggestions will be deeply appreciated. Leslie Riggs

Re: [WSG] Gap between content and nav on events page in Firefox, looks fine in IE6

2005-02-04 Thread Leslie Riggs
: Validated XHTML 1.1, CSS validated too. I probably have been deep into this so long I can't see the problem.. Any suggestions will be deeply appreciated. Leslie Riggs ** Haven't

[WSG] Another plea for help: FF1.0 render problem

2005-02-06 Thread Leslie Riggs
hung up on this issue right now. If anyone can help, I'd be s thankful. Leslie Riggs ** The discussion list for See for some hints on posting to the list getting

Re: [WSG] Another plea for help: FF1.0 render problem

2005-02-06 Thread Leslie Riggs
Thank you!! That is a really bizarre quirk, even more so that it works without rendering issues popping up in the other browsers. I shall sleep much better tonight, and have a good report for the client in the morning. Is this a Gecko bug, I wonder? Thanks again. Leslie Riggs Hi Leslie Your

Re: [WSG] web standards training course/events in Sydney?

2005-02-13 Thread Leslie Riggs
I'm wishing we could have something like that in my neck of the woods... Leslie in NE Wisconsin, midwestern USA Web Essentials will definitely be on again. Russ, Peter Maxine and I are working hard to put together an even better event this year. Best. News. Ever (well, not quite, but close ;)

Re: [WSG] accessibilty and responsibility

2005-02-18 Thread Leslie Riggs
, thanks, we'll look into it. We have a long, long way to go to achieve true accessibility in the world. Even I have much to learn and more to do... So, what do we do here? How accessible should we be, to achieve the ideal? Leslie Riggs

Re: [WSG] To display or not to display validation logos?

2005-02-25 Thread Leslie Riggs
I think you pretty much answered your own question already. :) Leslie Riggs I am just about to complete a new site for a client, and I have coded it according to XHTML 1.0 strict guidelines. I am also using validated CSS. Do you think it is worth displaying the W3C compliance logos

Re: [WSG] CSS validator says [xX][mM][lL] is not allowed.

2005-03-19 Thread Leslie Riggs
Out of curiosity, I'm wondering why the xml prolog is there in the document when the page is being served as text/html? I'm still pretty new to this, so I'm happy to learn and understand Leslie Riggs Hi, I have valid XHTML

[WSG] Really strange results

2005-04-04 Thread Leslie Riggs
in the right direction, I would be very much obliged. Thanks. Leslie Riggs ** The discussion list for See for some hints on posting to the list getting help **

Re: [WSG] Really strange results

2005-04-04 Thread Leslie Riggs
Thanks, Michael, Where do I find that information, so I can back up the assertion when I talk with the hosting provider? Thank you! Leslie Riggs This is because your webserver is outputting: Content-Type: text/plain and not: Content-Type: text/css For your CSS file. IE doesn't care, but most

Re: [WSG] Really strange results

2005-04-04 Thread Leslie Riggs
Thanks to all - the hosting provider confirmed that the web server was incorrectly configured; it's an older one. The site will go live on a newer, properly configured server. I can now sleep happythanks again, everyone. Leslie Riggs scott parsons wrote: The easy answer is that your server

Re: [WSG] float (?) problem with Safari

2005-05-02 Thread Leslie Riggs
compliant and clean, so it's a good start. Leslie Riggs Hi I've got a 3-column layout, with dropdown menus, here: The left right cols are floated. This seems to work ok in IE, Moz Firefox on PC and Moz NN7 on Mac. Safari doesn't like it, however

Re: [WSG] Any good color spies?

2005-05-05 Thread Leslie Riggs
Colorschemer Studio isn't free, but it's not real expensive either, and it does a very nice job with several options of color scheme selections, such as monochromatic, triad, tetrad, analogous, etc. Very visual, and schemes can be saved for use later. Leslie You

Re: [WSG] Flash Satay Embed Issue

2005-05-23 Thread Leslie Riggs
I notice that I forgot to include a link to the page with the problem. My apologies - here it is: Bob, I didn't put in the code you suggested yet. I did try it locally. IE6 STUBBORNLY refuses to show the Flash. The above link will take

Re: [WSG] Flash Satay Embed Issue

2005-05-23 Thread Leslie Riggs
Thanks heaps, Patrick. That did the trick. I'd completely overlooked that the param name had to be movie. It validates! It WORKS! Thank you again. Leslie Riggs You have an error in your markup. Try changing param name=top_dhha value=flash/cont_dhha.swf?path=flash/top_dhha.swf

Re: [WSG] Flash Satay Embed Issue

2005-05-23 Thread Leslie Riggs
this, that's what happens, but it's only a split second, then the flash loads. Probably the file takes just that wee extra time to load and IE likes to wait till it's all there before it runs the Flash. Leslie Riggs I'm confused as to what is happening here. Will someone please try the opening

[WSG] Forms question

2005-05-23 Thread Leslie Riggs
attribute being defined, and if I'm going to define cols then there's no purpose for the width in the CSS, is there? Does this have to do with being able to enter text beyond that CSS-defined width? Thanks for your enlightenment... Leslie Riggs

Re: [WSG] Best way to train someone in css and web standards

2005-05-23 Thread Leslie Riggs
I'm with Ben on this one. I learned loads after installing Firefox and adding the validator and developer toolbar. I went to different sites and ran them through the validator, saw the errors (or not) and learned about how to and how not to code to standards. Leslie Riggs Keep them

Re: [WSG] Forms question

2005-05-23 Thread Leslie Riggs
% of the screen width...could cols, set at 80, break that layout or will it still render acceptably? I am just respectfully asking for help in understanding why cols is required by the W3C standard if a width attribute could be set in CSS for textarea. Thanks, Leslie Riggs cols is used

Re: [WSG] Forms question

2005-05-23 Thread Leslie Riggs
Isn't the default 80 columns? Leslie Riggs What I want to understand is why is cols required by the W3C standard, if the width can be defined in CSS? The way I find it easiest to explain is to think about what happens if CSS was to be disabled in the browser, or the browser

Re: [WSG] Photo gallery standards?

2005-05-29 Thread Leslie Riggs
You've got a lot of validation issues. Over 180 errors, including XHTML markup while using an HTML 4.01 Transitional DTD. I think you need to decide if you want to follow that DTD or switch to an XHTML DTD. Leslie Riggs actually i'm having a problem in my project, I have to have category

Re: [WSG] A way to skip a Flash-intro if Flash is not installed?

2005-06-02 Thread Leslie Riggs
But, Kristian, if a dial-up user has to sit and sit and sit to wait for the Flash to load, when is this person going to see the skip button? Leslie Riggs Well, the flash-intro itself has a skip-button, so that won't be necessary. /Kristian Like most dial-up users who do have Flash

Re: [WSG] Issue with CSS, Flash and FireFox

2005-06-02 Thread Leslie Riggs
You have a number of validation errors per the W3C HTML validator; perhaps start with clearing those up? One of the errors mentions trying to use src with the embed tag... Leslie Riggs Hello to All, I have a slight issue that is driving me batty. I am unable to get my flash/shockwave

Re: [WSG] WSG Meetings for the rest of us

2005-06-09 Thread Leslie Riggs
Then there's this one Deaf WSG member who's gonna ask for some kind of captioning/subtitling of the video/audio... Leslie Riggs I live in eastern US. Much as I would love to visit Austrailia, it is out of the question for now at least. I think some sort of video of your events would

Re: [WSG] WSG Meetings for the rest of us

2005-06-12 Thread Leslie Riggs
The content is what's important - and I'll send a token of sincere appreciation to those who go do the extra work of captioning the presentation. :) Leslie Riggs If all goes to plan (and it has so far), this tuesday's Brisbane WSG meeting will be filmed with the intention of offering it up

Re: [WSG] Learning The DOM

2005-07-18 Thread Leslie Riggs
And now, I'd like to turn the question around and ask everyone on this list what they'd like to see from the DSTF. How much JavaScript do you know? Minimal. I can read it enough to understand what a script is doing but I haven't written JavaScript from scratch yet. What kind of things

Re: [WSG] Site Review Please - www.SalmonRecipes.Net

2005-08-02 Thread Leslie Riggs
Beautiful! It's just that the banner ad is rather jarring in its present location. Anything you can do about that? When I see with the ad right next to it, it's a bit confusing. Others have given you just the input I would have given. Obviously you put a lot of thought

Re: 'users with disabilities' WAS: [WSG] New front page for http://ab

2005-08-04 Thread Leslie Riggs
to the item than when additional menu choices fly out to the side (with multiple choices listed vertically), which is a bit jarring. It's also less effort than to try to keep the mouse within the hot spot to navigate sideways, then down to the desired link. Leslie Riggs Hope that helps

Re: 'users with disabilities' WAS: [WSG] New front page for http: //ab

2005-08-04 Thread Leslie Riggs
All in how each person views it, I suppose. My (not) hearing *is* normal... For me, the humiliation lies in the obvious misperceptions of people I meet every day - it's amazing what people will assume you can't do, simply because you don't have or use a particular physical feature. To bring

Re: 'users with disabilities' WAS: [WSG] New front page for http: //ab

2005-08-04 Thread Leslie Riggs
It's an uphill battle. Accessibility is a hot topic these days, but online streamed video and audio access by way of captioning or subtitling for the Deaf / hard of hearing is very poorly implemented. Even the big sites crowing about how their websites meet and even exceed accessibility

Re: [WSG] Cingular and Verizon go Web Standard

2005-09-25 Thread Leslie Riggs
Cingular: Nice job, but not valid - 59 errors in XHTML and an error in the CSS. Verizon Wireless: Again, nice job, but 49 errors in XHTML, an error in the CSS. They'll get there... Leslie Riggs I don't know how long ago they made their switch. Looks like companies are starting to see how

Re: [WSG] standards, accessability and validation?

2005-11-01 Thread Leslie Riggs
We are hoping to have this available online as a Quicktime file soon. When it is, it's definitely worth showing to people. Jonathan is a wonderful speaker and funny speaker, and I guarantee that no one will see his presentation and go away feeling the same about accessibility! Mike for Web

Re: [WSG] standards or confusion?

2005-12-04 Thread Leslie Riggs
of it. Pages load faster thanks to smaller file sizes, and site visitors notice that. There are other benefits, but those were what convinced me. Leslie Riggs None of those. I just mentioned that I was unable to convice my friend to change his ways and his strongest reason not to was his

Re: [WSG] Best Web Standards thing I learnt in 2005.

2005-12-22 Thread Leslie Riggs
You see, THAT is the best thing I learnt in 2005 - that there are always more things to learn! Just getting my toes wet in microformats, and understanding a bit more about XHTML... Leslie Riggs Christopher, + getting into microformats I guess I missed something along the way. Where

Re: [WSG] Web Developer Extension 1.0 Released

2006-01-03 Thread Leslie Riggs
If you already have the toolbar installed, won't you get it via check for updates? That's how I found it. Leslie Riggs Chris Pendrick recently released Web Developer Extension 1.0. He has fixed some bugs, added some features, and changed some

Re: [WSG] Claiming compliance when a site doesn't' actually comply

2006-01-05 Thread Leslie Riggs
clarification of this concept. Leslie Riggs Maybe, but if a site that is XHTML served as text/html were actually served correctly as application-type/xhtml+xml, any validation errors would cause the site to STOP working entirely. So this kind of can't win them all attitude is okay when we

Re: [WSG] Target sued over non-accessible site

2006-02-09 Thread Leslie Riggs
- and there is no Alt text. Blind people do shop :-). There are varying degrees of blindness, too, so someone looking at one of those images may go, Oh, wait, is that a red jumper or a parka? Alt text can help in that respect, if the user has a good text-to-speech tool installed. Leslie Riggs

Re: [WSG] Great Radio National Podcast on Deafness

2006-03-20 Thread Leslie Riggs
Is there a transcript of that podcast for those of us who ARE Deaf? Leslie Riggs ABC's Radio National Late Night Live program has produced a really insightful interview about Deafness. I think it's well worth a listen and might give you a good insight into deaf culture and the medical model