> >
> > And sorry, but I should have started by introducing myself. Shyam Sunder,
> > Palghat Iyer, grew up in Chennai, spent ten years sailing oil tankers,
> then
> > ten years as a strategy consultant, and now ten years as a financial
> > planner. Waited for some time now for emails about Silk Smitha before it
> > dawned on me that perhaps was not the thrust of this group. And for those
> > who don't know who Silk Smitha was, your life is a little poorer as a
> > result.
> >
> > Warm regards
> >
> > Shyam

And I should probably (re) introduce myself as the sister of Shyam Sunder:
Chennai Boy, Master Mariner of Very Large Crude Carriers, and world-class
singer of Very Old Tamil Songs including Chandrababu's "Kunguma Poove."
 And for those who don't know those songs, "your life is a little poorer,"
for it. :)))

Nice gyan, Shyam.  Not in the snarky sisterly tone but sincerely.  Really.

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