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> Hi Folks
> Thanks for all the responses! You can't imagine how curiously comforting it
> is to talk about retirement while preparing for a Monday morn.
> Now Deepak, those were some great tips and links. Thanks so much. I guess
> I'm partially there in terms of a corpus, and I sometimes get anxious that
> I'm not further down the road, but I feel reassured with your explanation
> of how to steadily build it up over the years. I was wondering what you
> meant by buffers in your statement:
Buffers are basically the idea that you don't know exactly how much you'll
spend, because your assumptions could be wrong.For example we think of the
rupee as 68 or so - it could be 100 in 20 years or more. Then the kids
schooling at 150,000 dollars suddenly costs 1.5 crores, about 30% more than
we thought about right now.

You may have an expensive hobby, or you may stumble on to something that
needs a significant personal financial commitment - i mean we aren't brain
dead on retirement, and many ideas take money to pursue even if they are
dead ends. (And that's what retirement really means - freedom for things,
and freedom from the fear of failure)

And because you don't know, you have to target for a little more. 1.28
crore = 1.4 crore. Kids education = X in an excel sheet, you try to do 1.5x
or something. Exactness in predictions is folly.

> Yes, I do need to factor in a child's expenses. As for travel, I'll try and
> do that while I'm still earning and shoestring it later. That was a sound
> portfolio plan you laid out.

True. You can still shoestring it but I would say you might not need to.
Can you save Rs. 300 a day without even feeling it's gone? I mean this
seriously. Take it out every single day and put it into a separate bank
account. You won't feel it and and in a year you have 1 lakh rupees more.
If you're retiring after 5 years, put on a little interest and this is like
6.27 lakh rupees. Nothing fancy, but this is what makes a few trips
non-shoestring if you so desire - and you didn't even notice that the money
was gone because it's like an extra coffee with a friend every day. (it is,
really - you're having coffee with yourself a few years later) Do this for
10 years, and it's like 15 lakh rupees.

> Rajesh: I'm guessing Deepak's company also does financial management. I've
> been working with Credence Family Office based on Bangalore.

Unfortunately, we don't just yet. We will, but that's going to take 3 more
months at least. We do stock market stuff, primarily. I don't have personal
experience, but have heard good things about Credence and about Hexagon in


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