You can preheat the water to reduce 'ramp up to current' time. [by several
Heat makes water more conductive without contaminating it.
The idea is to have it cool back down to room temp at about the same time
the current goes constant so that added heat doesn't replace conductivity
from silver at the end.
..which is one of the problems with using a thermal convection stirrer
initially developed to counter the formation of high concentration tracks
between the electrodes of a DC output generator.
Back then..more good than harm.

With alternating current output, [SWAP] that tracking never gets a chance
to become established, so disrupting it isn't needed.
Hot water at the end...more harm than good.
Hot water at the difference when it counts. [the water has cooled
off by the time it makes any difference in results

 Also. Pre-heating the water drives off dissolved gasses that may react
with silver.

On Mon, Apr 16, 2018 at 8:18 AM, Victor Cozzetto <>

> Hi Reid,
> I’ve been using a silverpuppy for years.
> The ambient temperature of the room has a significant impact on the
> timing. Even with a thermal stirrer the differences are significant. I
> experience this often because I live in Tokyo, where climate control is not
> necessary so often, but temperatures can vary wildly during the day or
> night. I always get a good quality result, regardless.
> Around room temperature gives the best quality however.
> Ode can tell you more.
> Victor
> > On Apr 16, 2018, at 20:32, Reid Harvey <> wrote:
> >
> > Hello to All,
> >
> > I'm still getting used to my SilverPuppy, but hope somebody can tell me
> why the timing of making EIS is peculiar.
> >
> > I've only done this twice, both times using the distilled water from the
> same bottle.  Both times I shut it off after about ten hours, but for one
> time the light was on for six hours, while the other time it was only three
> hours. Why, when I used the distilled water from the same bottle?
> >
> > I'm also puzzled about the light blinking every 8 seconds or so, and is
> EIS being made during this time?  And what's the dim red light all about?
> These are questions for Ode, of course, but I like to get the viewpoints of
> others.
> >
> > Reid
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