The Fortran version of Adventure may be the most authentic but if you don't 
want to deal with building 'ancient' code on a language few are proficient in 
now there are better options.  Last year Eric Raymond (The Cathedral And The 
Bazaar guy) and a few others took the ugly machine translated C code from the 
last known Fortran version and rewrote/structured it into something that is 
much more readable and maintainable.  Complete with automated testing and code 
coverage metrics to make sure the game play was not changed.  The code is on 
github and can also be found here:
Eric wrote several entries about the rewrite in his blog.

Bob Nelson

> On Feb 2, 2018, at 6:20 PM, Kevin Handy <> wrote:
> Then, adventure was converted to many other languages by thousands of fans. 
> Numerous basic, C, zil,  etc. versions exist. Probably the most cloned 
> program of all time.
>> On Fri, Feb 2, 2018 at 3:42 PM, Carey Tyler Schug <> 
>> wrote:
>> Whoops, memories are slowly coming back, I think.  Adventure was always 
>> Fortran.  It was Zork that was originally written in the proprietary list 
>> processing language.
>>> On 02/02/2018 01:07 PM, Lars Brinkhoff wrote:
>>> Carey Tyler Schug wrote:
>>>> I had always been told it was first written in some proprietary DEC
>>>> list processing language, and only later converted to FORTRAN.  Is
>>>> this the original conversion?
>>> They are the oldest files that have been found, as far as I know.
>>> According to Woods, they are the Crowther version.
>>>> Did anybody suggest the following fix to put a blank in the carriage
>>>> control position??
>>>> 998     FORMAT(1H ,20A5)
>>> Thanks, that did the trick!
>>> I see that the data file from which the strings are read do prefix all
>>> strings with a space character.  So it looks like the intent is that
>>> FORMAT(20A5) should do the right thing.
>>> Maybe the root cause is in the code reading the data file.  But your
>>> suggestion is a good workaround.
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