Le 21/04/2018 à 18:19, Guillaume Perréal a écrit :
Le 21/04/2018 à 12:28, Didier Kryn a écrit :
    May I humbly ask why you don't start with Devuan (which is Debian stripped out of systemd)? Of course it is less challenging than doing the job on Debian, but it would be wholehartedly applauded and tested by the Devuan community, while you shouldn't expect much recognition from Debian.

I have tried to boot an Alpine Linux with s6-init and the set of of the services I wanted and it is quite a lot a work. I think writing a full replacement with shims and "translators" is an order of magnitude higher.


    <off-topic>I'm a follower of musl and a supporter of static linking. I started to build my own musl-based Linux before Alpine was available and eventually achieved to build a functional native development platform. But it is too much work and I plan to try Alpine pretty soon :-)</off-topic>

    Whether starting from Alpine or Devuan, at least you don't have to fight against Systemd which has put metastases pretty much everywhere in the system. You start from sysvinit and just replace the rc scripts even with keeping sysv's init proper, at the beginning. A big part of the work is packaging and transitionning flawlessly from one system to the other when installing/removing the packages.


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