If you want to test / play or use Project FiFo you need at least E-xxx Xeon
processors since FiFo needs the special embedded encryption instruction
(AVX?) set. 
I always order the idrac advanced or the HP Ilo professional license. It
happened twice in my life that I lost contact with the global zone because
of a faulty configuration whilst playing with settings.
And the dancing of my shacking hands above the keyboard is the last feeling
I ever want to feel again. With remote server management like iDrac or Ilo
you always have a backup door to your server. 
( it was the main reason that I used Sun servers for 7 years, since they
were the only servers in the market with "free" remote server licences and a
dedicated management NIC. ) 

I have 2 HP DL380G7 servers with 72 GB RAM and 2x L5640 running in a data
center, they are comparable with the R710's, average load is 7% with 30 VM's
running on it. I need more VM's but RAM is limiting my plans. The RAM banks
are all filled so I have to switch to 8 or 16GB RAM modules. The total price
for renewing the RAM is almost as high as buying a used HP G8 series server,
so I still not sure what to do.

So my opinion:
1. Buy a server that has remote server management capabilities (iDRAC or Ilo
or comparable) 
        Don't think that the basic idrac/ilo can save your life, because
they only let you see the console screen until the server has fully booted.
After that they turn the screen black.....
2. buy as much RAM as you can afford
3. never use only 2 HD's this is really a poor man's solution
4. with HP or DELL RAID controllers you must set all drives to RAID 0 single
drive. There is no JBOD option available but with RAID 0 all drives will be
discovered and usable by ZFS

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Van: Richard Elling [mailto:richard.ell...@richardelling.com] 
Verzonden: maandag 7 augustus 2017 01:07
Aan: smartos-discuss@lists.smartos.org
Onderwerp: Re: [smartos-discuss] hardware selection question

> On Aug 6, 2017, at 4:01 PM, Steve <smar...@szmidt.org> wrote:
> I saw a Supermicro with 60 drives in a 4U chassis! They max out at 90 
> I believe.
 <shamelss plug>
 We use 60 SAS 2.5" drives in 2u chassis with dual, 2-socket + 2 12G SAS HBA
 Next week we'll have them on the exhibit floor at Flash Memory Summit in San
 Jose, CA, visit the Newisys booth.
  -- richard

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