I have picked up an R610 with 48GB from ebay for a home lab. The onboard RAID 
(PERC) could be set up with each disk being a separate raid 0 array but i would 
suggest you pick up a different controller to get any decent performance. 

Hope this helps,


> On 7 Aug 2017, at 01:55, Steve <smar...@szmidt.org> wrote:
> Hi Lonnie,
> If you are not used to them, I tend to shy away from 1U chassis as it
> means the fans have to work in tight space resulting in back to back
> high RPM fans generating a lot of noise. Of course in a data center you
> usually pay per U and noise is not a factor.
> More space also allows for air to move a bit easier and thus easier to
> keep cool. In addition, I often remove half the fans (3 out of 6) when
> it is a location where noise is more annoying. I have a script I write
> which continuously monitors the CPU temperature, RPM on fans and disk
> integrity. If all is OK I get a daily message. If the temp starts to go
> high I send myself a warning, and if it goes too high it does a poweroff
> after sending an email.
> --
> Steve

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