Hi dewey,

I think it's worth dropping a line into the github thread. The information that you've booted without the need of moddebug and disable-xhci might be useful for others.


On 13. 2. 2018 0:00, de...@hyltown.com wrote:
Is this information somehow worth adding to the open issue, or does this just
amount to "me too" ?


----- On Feb 10, 2018, at 10:47 PM, Dewey de...@hyltown.com wrote:

With os_console set to ttya, following the procedure described here:

I was able to get all the way to SmartOS Setup. I haven't attempted to do the
actual installation yet, because this isn't the way I want to boot it every

What I found, which differs from what YanChii noticed, is that I need neither
disable-xhci=true nor moddebug to get this far. Typing this into the debugger
is all that is needed for me:

    ::bp -Dn 1 -c '.+0x95::bp -c "0>dx;::cont" ; ::cont' acpica`AcpiOsWritePort

I am testing with: joyent_20180203T031130Z

Please let me know whether this helps, and how to proceed from here.

----- On Feb 10, 2018, at 5:55 PM, Dewey de...@hyltown.com wrote:

There is, indeed (it also has ps2 ports, which I did not realize). I managed
to find what appears to be the proper cabling to go from header to db9; now
to find my old null modem stuff.

Can you point me to the the docs I should start with, or is there something
very specific you'd like me to try first?

----- On Feb 10, 2018, at 2:39 PM, Robert Mustacchi r...@joyent.com wrote:

Is there a serial header that we can use for kmdb on that system? It may
be useful to try and use the module auto load / breakpoint system and/or
maybe disable the boot of other CPUs to try and debug.


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