As I understand it it has more to do with iOS ring fencing both the app and its 
data which makes less prone to hacking. Not saying it would be impossible but 
clearly compared to the way macOS has been constructed iOS is less vulnerable. 
Like NatWest there are transactions where you need to use a one-time secure 
transaction key which you can generate on an iOS device (or through the web 
site) but you don't require those calculator devices in which you insert a bank 
card to do the same. 
Lastly, as you might expect, banking data to/from the iOS app is end to end 
encrypted - not sure about messages, although these do not carry account info.  


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> On 8 Aug 2017, at 09:17, wrote:
> That makes me ask whether IOS10 & soon 11 is more secure than Sierra or 
> previous iterations of MacOS? Or is an iPhone or an iPad inherently more 
> secure than a laptop or desktop

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