Hi. Highly frustrated with internet access. I changed from BT to Zen in 
December. My iPad, iPhone and MacBook (an old one, c.2008) could all connect 
via the fritzbox fine but my iMac couldn’t, or only for seconds at a time after 
switching internet access of and on again in the bar at the top right of the 

After following advice very kindly offered from Smug members, it has since 
worked perfectly from early January until yesterday. When there were 5 short 
power outages one after another, which turned off both the Mac and the 
FritzBox. I was still able to connect to the internet this morning but a 
further power cut seems to have scrambled something. I’m back to being able to 
access the net in everything but the iMac. 

Any advice would be very much appreciated. Many thanks


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