El sábado, 17 de septiembre de 2016 17h'58:29 ART, Mark Shuttleworth <m...@ubuntu.com> escribió:
On 17/09/16 08:56, Spencer wrote:
I see.  Well, I'm not sure what the answer should be, but I can tell
you that it being "non-free" is a significant deterrent against anyone
downloading and installing this or anyone's snap, or so I would think.

Agreed - I think this is just a flag in the database, and I'm pretty
sure there is a way to change that, just not sure where it is. But this
is the right list to ask on :)

The license feature needs to be brought back into snapd. If there is no license The Software Center defaults to proprietary.

I know seb128 or rancell were on top of this at one point and logged a bug against snapd.

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