Not fully clear still, but perhaps you need several fields, at least one of
which just contains your SEF and OFF values serving effectively as binary
switches (FQ matches). And then maybe you strip the leading IDs that you
are not matching on.

Remember your Solr data shape does not need to match your original data
shape. Especially with extra fields that you could get through copyField
commands or through UpdateRequestProcessor duplicates. And you don't need
to store those duplicates, just index them for most effective search.

And yes, reversing filter and edge ngram together mean you don't need a
wildcard queries.


On 23 Sep 2016 1:49 AM, "slee" <> wrote:

> Alex,
> You do have a point with EdgeNGramFilterFactory. As requested, I've
> attached
> a sample screenshotfor your review.
> <>
> Erick,
> Here's my use-case. Assume I have the following term stored in global_Value
> as such:
> - executionvenuetype#*OFF*-FACILITY
> - partyid#B2A*SEF*9AJP5P9OLL1190
> Now, I want to retrieve any document matching the term in global_Value that
> contains the keyword: "off" and "sef". With regards to leading wild-card,
> that's intentional. Not a mail issue. These fields typically contains Guid,
> and some financial terms (eg: Bonds, swaps, etc..). If I don't use any
> non-wildcard, then it's an exact match. But my use-case dictates that it
> should retrieve if it's a partial match.
> So what's my best bet for analyzer in such cases ?
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