Thank you Neal and Michael,

> Stefan: Unfortunately, spacewalk-setup fails due to a postgresql 
> configuration error (unrecognized configuration parameter 
> "checkpoint_segments"), otherwise this would have been an additional great 
> achievement.

Building and dnf install is successful but actually executing the spacewalk 
installation "# spacewalk-setup" is doing some things and eventually failing on 
the above message. Might have something to do with the expected configuration 
file of postgresql or so. I haven't looked at it yet.

> Michael: What are these packages? Fedora packages simply rebuilt for RHEL8? 
> Or are there any tweaks in their spec? > Clean rebuilds can go to 
> python-packages / java-packages, packages with changed specs we keep in git 
> and build them into nightly.

Different things. I mainly took Fedora 31 packages for dependencies of 
dependencies of dependencies... and they mostly compiled OK. I had to change 
quite some spec files to fix versioned Python issues or even add Python 2 back 
again. Other low number of sources were older Fedora versions, EPEL7 and maybe 
one or two custom packages(rebuilds in newer versions). I was not able to build 
some rpms so took the binary from F30 to continue. I will revisit them to get 
them off my HDD.

So I think I will do this:
1. Add java packages to copr/java-packages. How would we go about that?
2. Add selected Python packages to copr/python.
3. Keep Python2 specific packages on my repository for time being. I guess you 
could integrate mine to the spacewalk repo so that the server builds 
successfully for time being.
4. Useful modified SPEC files will be pushed to git eventually (I have to find 
them all back, probably a manual task...)
5. There are a few non-java/python packages. I would probably follow the git 

> Michael: Server side can be moved to python3 without problem. For RHEL 6 and 
> 7 (and clones like CentOS, OL, etc.) clients we still need python2.

I will not be touching the clients. I will leave that up to somebody else :) My 
CentOS 7 and 8 servers all work for me.

> Neal: It'd be good to get this back into Fedora. Get in touch on the Fedora 
> development mailing list to help integrate this packages back in the 
> distribution. They could also be built into EPEL 7/8 for reusability too.

Most packages are from Fedora 31. So I guess they would somehow have to come 
over to EPEL8. This would be a new area of work for me...
The modified ones are me adding Python2 back again :)  I agree, all my work (if 
useful) should be pushed upstream. I guess, this would have to be evaluated on 
a case by case basis after we got Python 2 out of Spacewalk. Maybe it even 
makes more sense to update Spacewalk to newer versions.
Let's see what happens when I/we get round to it. Thank you for your support.

@Michael, once I get the server to actually install, is there any chance you 
could then try it out and test the functions to estimate the effort? I remember 
(Hopefully correctly) you mentioning that you have a test environment (that is 
fully automated and tests all Spacewalk functions with a click of a button). 
Otherwise this would be an interesting effort to do those required code changes 
with new versions etc.

Best wishes,


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