Stefan Bluhm:
> Hello all,
> just to give you an update: I now have Spacewalk 8 installing and running on 
> CentOS 8.
> I have created pull requests for all my modifications.

Hello Stefan,

I've reviewed them and some of them needs a small fixes.

> Couple of issues I noticed straight away:
> - When installing the setup packages, some dependencies seem to be not 
> automatically installing (spacewalk-selinux, taskomatic,...)

Both spacewalk-selinux and spacewalk-taskomatic should be installed as
they are required by spacewalk-common.

> - the password field at the first registration. It does not show a green tick 
> when the password is OK. (optical issue)
> - The overview page is pretty empty. Not sure if this is just due to an empty 
> system or of this is an issue.
> - When creating a repo, CSRF token issues/403 show up. I expect these things 
> to show up at some places then.
> Clicking through the rest, I do not see any issues on the pages at first 
> glance.
> To try this yourself, get started with a minimal CentOS 8 in 12 lines:
> systemctl disable firewalld; systemctl stop firewalld         # no need to 
> play with individual ports
> dnf config-manager  --add-repo       
>          # packages that still need to be put to COPR
> echo "gpgcheck=0" >> /etc/yum.repos.d/raw.githubusercontent.com_sbluhm.repo
> dnf -y copr enable sbluhm/python-packages; dnf -y copr enable 
> sbluhm/java-packages     # stuff to move to spacewalkproject
> dnf -y copr enable sbluhm/nightly             # as soon as the official 
> nightly builds with my pull requests, I will update this section
> dnf -y config-manager --enable PowerTools
> dnf -y module enable javapackages-tools:201801/common
> dnf -y install epel-release langpacks-en langpacks-de glibc-all-langpacks     
>         # without the langpacks, Postgresql will not run.
> dnf -y update python3-dmidecode                      # own version required 
> to install python2-dmicode
> rpm -e yum                                           # remove yum 4 to 
> install yum 3
> dnf -y install spacewalk-setup spacewalk-setup-postgresql tomcat  
> osa-dispatcher spacewalk-search spacewalk-backend-sql-postgresql 
> spacewalk-taskomatic spacewalk-java spacewalk-java-postgresql 
> spacewalk-selinux # not all dependencies are strangely installed so doing it 
> all here.

This should be better
dnf -y install spacewalk-setup-postgresql 
dnf -y install spacewalk-postgresql

> spacewalk-setup
> You can visit my personal project note to get the latest working installation 
> instructions (currently same as above):
> Open topics:
> - How will the Spacewalk Project continue?
> - Remove Python 2 scripts.
> - Update to latest/newer required packages if possible.
> - Test for non-working items
> - Update package requirements/dependencies in the spec files.
> - Add official RH Java packages to copr/java-packages. How would we go about 
> that?.
> - Add official RH Python packages to copr/python. How would we go about that?.

I've forked copr sbluhm/java-packages into @spacewalkproject/java-packages
and similarly sbluhm/python-packages into @spacewalkproject/python-packages.

> - Add spec files of modified packages to spacewalkproject/spec-tree.
> Best wishes,
> Stefan


Michael Mráka
System Management Engineering, Red Hat

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