On Fri, Mar 13, 2020 at 12:57 PM Stefan Bluhm <redhat....@bluhm-de.com> wrote:
> Hello Tomas,
> > Hey Stefan, Neal, Avi,
> > please keep in mind Spacewalk 2.10 is the last Spacewalk release planned by 
> > Red Hat with a release date within a month. No further contributions to 
> > Spacewalk are to be expected from Red Hat after May 2020.
> This is what I was already assuming (not even expecting 2.10). That is the 
> reason for my own efforts to somehow keep the project alive.
> What will happen to the project (Github, COPR, spacewalkproject.org) after 
> 2.10? Will it be closed or transferred fully to the community? I see it a bit 
> difficult to further develop the project if the community is then locked out. 
> Starting off a new fork from scratch for Spacewalk 3 (=RH drop out, RHEL8, 
> Python 3) and therefore setting up a new community would certainly cost an 
> unwanted toll.
> Can I volunteer to join the project board?
> Best wishes,
> Stefan

Hello Stefan,

Spacewalk project will be discontinued. This won't change.
There are other Spacewalk forks of great quality out there. I
encourage to check them and pick the one that matches your needs at
most and start using it (eventually contributing) - if you want to
stay with Spacewalk codebase and technology.
As you mentioned there's still an option to make your own fork
(according to https://spacewalkproject.github.io/trademarkinfo.html).
I believe facts like having the source code in github (thanks to Suse
:-) ), having migrated the build system from an internal Koji instance
to public COPR (thanks to Michael :-) ) make it pretty
straightforward. However I'm not encouraging anyone directly to do so
as it may be much more work than expected. :-)


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