Hello Michael,

> I've reviewed them and some of them needs a small fixes.
Done to my best ability.

> Both spacewalk-selinux and spacewalk-taskomatic should be installed as they 
> are required by spacewalk-common.
I noticed that I was installing the server wrong. Missed out 
spacewalk-postgresql. Trying too quick to see results.... 

> I've forked copr sbluhm/java-packages into @spacewalkproject/java-packages 
> and similarly sbluhm/python-packages into @spacewalkproject/python-packages.
Super cool! Didn't know you can do that. I will create new repos later for the 
cleaned up future versions.

I started on the Python 3 work and most code is already Python 3 compatible and 
already building as Python 3 (I guess you knew that already). 
Got the /backend and /client folders checked and building so far. So this 
sounds easier than I thought (for time being).

Best Wishes,


Open topics:
- How will the Spacewalk Project continue?
- Remove Python 2 scripts.
- Update to latest/newer required packages if possible.
- Test for non-working items
- Update package requirements/dependencies in the spec files.

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