Does any forward the spam messages to this list to organizations such as
spamcop, and so on?

If all we can do is filter the turkey with SA and not shut him down, then what
is the use of it?

I am beginning to think that the collective efforts of many organizations to
shut down spammers is a dismal failure. I have been doing the anti-spam thing
for a real long time and, if anything, the spam has steadily increased over
the years rather than decreased. Until radical changes are made to the
infrastructure of the internet to shut down open relays and proxies as well as
header validation spam will continue. The spammer that sent this spam claims
to be bullet proof. I suspect that with sufficient funds, he is telling the truth.

Spam costs me in bandwidth, CPU time, and psychic energy. 

I am toying around with the idea that since collective anti-spam measures to
shut down spammers are not working, then individuals need to be able to reduce
the impact of spam on their individual accounts. I may not be able to reduce
the bandwidth and CPU time cost, but maybe it is time to reduce the psychic
energy cost?

First draft strategy, execute the following in order on all incoming mail:

Rule 1: Check incoming mail against a whitelist (based on From, To, and/or
Subject). If in whitelist, pass it on, and stop checking.

Rule 2: Check incoming mail against a blacklist (based on From, To, and/or
Subject). If in blacklist, discard, and stop checking.

Rule 3: Check incoming mail against the SA hit level. If above a Hit level,
move the mail to a spam folder for manual checking, and stop checking. Over
time, this rule should refine the whitelist and blacklist and could be changed
to simply discard.

Rule 4: Check incoming mail against the SA hit level. If equal to or below the
Hit level, forward the message back to the from or reply to address with the
following message,

"Your email is being returned by an automatic spam detection system. If you
still wish to send this message to the recipient, please add the following
code XXXNNN to your subject line and resend the message. We apologize for any
inconvenience this may cause you; however, it is necessary due to the large
amount of spam now found on the internet. Once this process if completed, your
address will be added to a list of valid addresses and you will not need to do
this again."

Ideally, the forwarding from address should be in the blacklist so any replies
to that address will be discarded.

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