Yorkshire Dave said:
> On Tue, 2003-06-17 at 18:35, Benjamin A. Shelton wrote:
>> The last article I read citing Jupiter research claimed
>> per-user spam has been doubling every 42 days.  I'd almost believe
>> it...
> This is pure conjecture, but a pleasant thought. Maybe the spammer's
> return rate is halving every 42 days and they're trying to compensate.
As I've stated before, I've cut down the amount of spam actually getting
to it's intended destination by over 98% by using SA.  That's gotta be
hurting the spammers :)

> The best way to fight spam is to keep it out of as many inboxes as
> possible. When someone you know whines about spam, give them a solution.
> Help people, help spam victims, help it happen! I already installed and
> set up spamassassin for 2 local businesses, free of charge, just because
> I could, and I'm hosting mail accounts for dozens of friends,
> neighbours, family, friends of friends etc etc.
That's similar to my situation.  I admin a few small businesses and one
user was complaining about getting between 100-130 SPAM messages a day. 
That prompted me to bring email services locally so *I* could control
things.  That same user now gets between 0-4 SPAM messages a day.  I
consider that a victory for my side!

> Between us all, we can deny spammers access to a lot of inboxes, we just
> need to work at it. Some people are working at it really hard, creating
> solutions like spamassassin, razor, dcc, dnsbl's etc, and we appreciate
> that work, so let's show our appreciation by working just as hard
> spreading the word.

There is, of course, one other thing we need to do:  we need to find those
people that BUY stuff from SPAM, take them out back and shoot them dead. 
CAUTION:  before implementing said procedure, please check with your local
law enforcement to determine if this is legal in your area. ;)


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