> This is pure conjecture, but a pleasant thought. Maybe the spammer's
> return rate is halving every 42 days and they're trying to compensate.

Yes, it is pure conjecture but so are most of the statistics barfed out by
some of these organizations anyway unless their methods are legitimate (I
must confess that most are--but some aren't).  Besides, even though the
organization doesn't have an agenda, those who are citing the numbers
probably do.  However, I would still argue that for some people, 42 days
might be pretty close, even if it isn't exactly doubling in volume.

> The best way to fight spam is to keep it out of as many inboxes as
> possible. When someone you know whines about spam, give them a solution.
> Help people, help spam victims, help it happen! I already installed and
> set up spamassassin for 2 local businesses, free of charge, just because
> I could, and I'm hosting mail accounts for dozens of friends,
> neighbours, family, friends of friends etc etc.

I would agree, and I must commend you for your valiant efforts.  This was
part of the point in my original message -- the fact that the Open Source
community (in general) is about helping others by getting together to solve
a problem or even to ``build a better wheel.''  The fact is, that the
original message I was responding to was a little too pessimistic for my
taste and I simply couldn't resist responding to it.

See, Dave, with more folks like you out there, the battle would be half-over
and we would be well on the way to winning.  The problem isn't so much the
spammers as it is the number of defeatists who are shouting something along
the lines of, "Give up, we can't fight it, we're gonna lose anyway!"  If we
could do something about *them* then perhaps our dreams could become reality

But that's just human nature.

> Between us all, we can deny spammers access to a lot of inboxes, we just
> need to work at it. Some people are working at it really hard, creating
> solutions like spamassassin, razor, dcc, dnsbl's etc, and we appreciate
> that work, so let's show our appreciation by working just as hard
> spreading the word.

I certainly can't disagree with you here.  Again, I refer to the points I
made in my previous message.  The Open Source community, I feel, is the ONLY
solution to this problem because the community, together, is the only entity
working really hard to solve the problem at hand.  Certainly there are many
commercial spinoffs and what have you, but the real magic is happening right
here, right now.  With as many talented, brilliant people out there working
on providing a solution as there is and with generous folks like yourself
out there implementing the solution ``in the field,'' this *can* happen.
I'm just slightly disappointed that some individuals are still under the
impression that we're fighting a losing battle...


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