On Thu, Jun 19, 2003 at 07:06:45AM -0400, jeff covey wrote:
> i can't seem to convey the message that i *don't have* those
> messages.  :)  i reported them as spam, then deleted them.  i never
> thought i would need them.

Oh, I didn't catch that.  In that case, you can't get them out of the DB. :(

> apparently, it's not possible to simply remove all the ham data from
> the bayes database and leave the spam data alone.  i'll just leave the
> bogus data in place and hope for the best.

Not as is currently available.  You'd have to write your own perl
script to modify the DB values, but it would be better to just blow away
the Bayes DB and start anew rather than modifying the values (setting
ham counts to 0 will cause the spam counts to have more "weight" when
determining probabilities...)

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