here in the United Kingdom (UK) [the key partner in the United States of America Empire (USAE)], its seems unfair to expect the Hungarian people to solve the Syrian refugee crisis, which has been caused by the actions of the USAE, while the Hungarian people have had no material benefits from these conquests

the UK has a long history of imperialism and dealing with both the benefits and negative effects

on the other hand, i don't see Hungary in this mode

labelling non-imperial nation states as racist or corrupt instead of attacking the much larger organised criminal network of the USAE seems

the same goes for expecting Swedish people to integrate 100,000s of north Africans - its wrong to denounce them as racist

perhaps of interest

but i would be concentrating on this today

hope all is well

On Fri, 13 Apr 2018, Andreas Broeckmann wrote:


it is weird to read this, but isn't it clear that these things are happening? and isn't the really worrying thing that hungarians have voted for fidesz (party, leader, and candidates) despite the likelihood of this kind of manipulation of public opinion?

i don't want to sound fatalistic, but the worrying thing is that while telling the truth is still important, it does not seem to make much of a difference...

ok, yes, we have to keep on telling the truth, searching, telling...

excuse the fatalistic glitch.


Am 13.04.18 um 11:29 schrieb János Sugár:
*Hungarian journalists admit role in forging anti-migrant 'atmosphere of
/Employees of state TV network describe how channels pumped out
pro-government messaging ahead of Victor Orbán's election victory this week/
The journalists believe the anti-migrant messages often come directly
from the government. People who work on stories directly involving Orbán
receive a list of keywords to use. "Sometimes the editor will come into
the office on the phone and dictate a whole story to us, word for word.
We do not know who is on the other end of the phone," said one.

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