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William M. Quarles wrote:

>Aad Rijnberg wrote:
>Then try to make.  If you get an error on the make, do a make clean, 
>re-./configure.  You will most likely fail on the linux-atm or ppp.  If 
>that's the case, you don't really need linux-atm (someone correct me if 
>I'm wrong; if I'm right, i would suggest leaving it out anyways, I think 
>this unnecessarily writes over stuff in your existing kernel), 

Like duncan said earlier, you need a pppoa aware pppd daemon. In order 
to have this, you need to compile linux-atm and pppd present in the 
speedbundle package.

But, you are right, It won't compile with the default FC2 install. It 
will complain about a function called billi_in_use or something like 
that. It's because the include files of the kernel present in 
/usr/include/linux are too old (They should come from the kernel 
installed when the fedora folks compiled all the system, which is the 
behavior that linus torvalds advices). To work this around, you should 
(re)move all atm*.h file in /usr/include/linux and replace them with 
those present in the 2.6.5 kernel sources.
After that, all works for me except that modem_run failed at the end of 
its initialization because of the bug in the kernel.
With the kernel patches given by duncan, I think it should allow us to 
use the kernel driver with FC2.

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