> Can you give an example of how to use the orphan metadata tag? 



Title of document

blah blah blah...

>    - Where do I put the tag, in the file that is causing the build 
>    warning or in the TOC file?
> The top of each files which are not listed in toctree.

>    - What syntax is used - is "orphan" meant to be the field name or 
>    field content term? 
"orphan" is a field name. orphan field does not need any content. so only 
`:orphan:` works well.

>    - Is there another tag that goes with this syntax to hide it from the 
>    output? 
> When I tried adding :orphan: at the top of my file, I didn't see the build 
> warning, but the word "orphan:" also appeared on my HTML page.

That's strange. The orphan metadata is not appeared in HTML docs.
Could you share your example?

Takeshi KOMIYA

>> If you want to prevent warnings, please mark the document as :orphan:.
>> To use it, please refere following page:
>> http://www.sphinx-doc.org/en/stable/markup/misc.html?highlight=orphan#file-wide-metadata
>> Thanks,
>> Takeshi KOMIYA

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