FM and xl gaps requires isolation valves and it's a good operationally practice 
because someone will break a head or line

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Don't you want the racks separately controlled because they are susceptible to 
physical damage.  If you damage a rack sprinkler, you can shut it off and keep 
the overhead active.  In your case, if you need to shut down the racks, you 
also shut down the adjacent overhead system.

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On 10/12/2016 2:18 PM, rongreenman . wrote:
Why is it zoned? Just because it's bigger than 52K? One big open space? Not 
trying to be a smart ass (or maybe I am) but the FD won't fight a fire in zone 
2 that is happening in Zone 1 bec aide an annunciation says here, not there, 
and it sounds like they'd be able too see the fire on entry.

On Wednesday, October 12, 2016, James Crawford 
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I just came from a building where the in-rack sprinklers are connected into the 
adjacent roof system.

The building has two roof zones, north and south, the in-racks are in the north 
zone but connected into the south zone (no control valve at the connection 

I have never ever thought of doing this as it would send two different signals 
in the event of a fire, but cannot seem to find anything that says you can’t do 
this, with the exception of alarm signals.

Any comments on this arrangement?

Thank you

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