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so manual comment using C-like cannot do that, if i have a large set of
DB's with minimal of 20 tables, its widelly tedious manage comments in that
way that some here sugest me.. and later joint the db files for work?

Well, the advantage of having comments in DB tables (as some suggested) is also that you have the entire SQL language functions available to manipulate the comments - which you don't have when they are treated like Meta-data. That said, only some DBs include comment in-schema specifiers, like Postgres and MySQL as Richard pointed out, in MSSQL you have to add a comment by a whole other mechanism. There is no standard for it. And even where these DBs do keep comments, they are all in large SCHEMA tables kept with per-column entries and the like. SQLite doesn't keep a per-column schema table, but you may.

.. and stop of recomend me stupid guindows tools like sqlitespeed, does not
sqlite are Public Domain thanks god and aliens, but i hate all the
protected breaking-portability like all the guindows progs, the main reason
that's why we have problems porting apps

Easy sailor... There is no need for you use that specific "stupid guindows tool", it's simply that the tool had solved the comment problem by parsing the schema, and you could do something like it.

Also, neither God nor any Aliens had anything to do with the development of SQLite. I suppose if they did we would have had this before the atomic bomb - and how much you "hate" anything is of no concern. If you can provide a good reasoned approach to solving the problem, people will listen, and even now the devs will probably be able to say:

Your request has been noted, Thank you for the suggestion.

Have a great day,

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