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> I wonder, sqlite Devs, if a pragma or other adaption (such as the current
> pragma table_info()) or such could produce the same exact data but with an
> added field called "Comment" that simply gives the parsed comment from
> after each column definition (if any) like the above table example. This
> would probably be a very small adaptation, be completely backwards
> compatible, doesn't break any standard (since there isn't any) and answer
> the need expressed by this thread and others before it.

That's one way to solve it, in a mostly BC (Backward Compatible) way.
(modulo the output from table_info() changing, which could be opt-in to
make it fully BC).

But given the HIDDEN key in vtables [1] "precedent", could also be an
explicit COMMENT 'some text' in the create table DDL itself, w/o resorting
to "significant" comments. --DD

[1] https://sqlite.org/vtab.html#hidden_columns_in_virtual_tables
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