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> On Wed, Mar 15, 2017 at 4:57 PM, R Smith <rsm...@rsweb.co.za> wrote:
>> I wonder, sqlite Devs, if a pragma or other adaption (such as the current
>> pragma table_info()) or such could produce the same exact data but with an
>> added field called "Comment" that simply gives the parsed comment from
>> after each column definition (if any) like the above table example. This
>> would probably be a very small adaptation, be completely backwards
>> compatible, doesn't break any standard (since there isn't any) and answer
>> the need expressed by this thread and others before it.
> That's one way to solve it, in a mostly BC (Backward Compatible) way.
> (modulo the output from table_info() changing, which could be opt-in to
> make it fully BC).

Problem is, it requires parsing the CREATE command looking for comments in a 
certain format.  Notoriously difficult, considering that they can contain CR, 
LF, tab, and unforeseen Unicode characters.

I’m utterly against anything that tries to read C-style comments.  Comments are 
comments.  Computers are meant to ignore them to the point that they don’t even 
know they exist.

On the other hand, if we establish a standard for storing comments in database 
tables — which would require a consistent table name, column names, and values 
— it might take too much extra time to show those comments as an extra column 
in the response to PRAGMA tale_info() and similar PRAGMAs.  But I think it’s 
overkill.  Anyone who would want that would know how to retrieve the 

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