I am looking for some advice on using SQLite for my given situation.

My system involves a windows network. On PC 'X', I have an SQLite database with 
a process that handles amendment's to the database ie INSERTS, DELETES and 
UPDATES. Also, on PC 'X' I have some other processes running that are 
requesting data (SELECT) form the database. I have the Journal Mode set to WAL. 
This all appears to work fine.

My concern is that I have a requirement to query the database on PC 'X' from 
other PC's. Basically, performing (SELECT) statements from stations 'Y' and 
'Z'. This creates a client/server situation that I appreciate SQLite is not 
appropriate choice of database for. I hope doing the (SELECT) only from the 
client will be a workable solution.

At the moment I have not encountered any problems. However, my concern is that 
this maybe just luck and there is a potential of locking issues or database 

Any thoughts would be appreciated.



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