Thanks Hick, points noted.


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Accessing SQLite files via network filesystems is high on the list of "how to 
corrupt SQLite databases", see section 2.1 in

WAL mode requires shared memory. How are you going to do that with processes 
running on different PCs? See sections 4 and 6 of

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I am looking for some advice on using SQLite for my given situation.

My system involves a windows network. On PC 'X', I have an SQLite database with 
a process that handles amendment's to the database ie INSERTS, DELETES and 
UPDATES. Also, on PC 'X' I have some other processes running that are 
requesting data (SELECT) form the database. I have the Journal Mode set to WAL. 
This all appears to work fine.

My concern is that I have a requirement to query the database on PC 'X' from 
other PC's. Basically, performing (SELECT) statements from stations 'Y' and 
'Z'. This creates a client/server situation that I appreciate SQLite is not 
appropriate choice of database for. I hope doing the (SELECT) only from the 
client will be a workable solution.

At the moment I have not encountered any problems. However, my concern is that 
this maybe just luck and there is a potential of locking issues or database 

Any thoughts would be appreciated.



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