On 2018/01/11 8:11 PM, petern wrote:
With SQLITE_INTROSPECTION_PRAGMAS turned on, is a function description on
the roadmap?
It would be very helpful to expose a short description of function

Implementation suggestion: a new trailing argument "description" on
sqlite3_create_function() or sqlite3_create_function_v2()
and corresponding description column in the PRAGMA function_list report.

Well, I like the idea.

For one, it would allow an easy to read updated description for those of us who maintain SQLite management tools and connectors... but accessing the web is more or less equally simple, though a direct api would be nice too. Maybe this would better serve add-on libraries and UDFs since those function descriptions are not typically available on the web, and certainly not on the standard sqlite site.

The only con I'm seeing is the extra disk/memory footprint for what is essentially comments and can (especially for the standard functions) be found easily at: https://sqlite.org/lang_corefunc.html

Perhaps there is another benefit I'm not yet seeing that would better merit paying said resource cost - if so, I'm eager to hear it.


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