"Lynn Fredricks" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I don't know anything about DeviceSQL but their
> presentation is enough to get my respect :-)
> It seems to me that if the engineers are coming to you to defend their
> selection of SQLite, then they didnt know SQLite as well as they should....

This scenario has played out multiple times.  

Say what you want about DeviceSQL the product, but
one thing is undeniable: their sales presentations
are top-notch.  The first remark of yours that I
quoted above shows this to be the case.

But impressive sales talks do not necessarily translate
into impressive products.  In fact, a management-oriented
sales presentation, such as provided by Encirq, can be
a put-off for technical people.  The engineers and 
programmers I normally deal with are much more
attracted to the droll, just-the-facts type of product
that they see and get with SQLite.  Flashly sales
talks that are low in technical detail, such as
those offered in the past by Encirq (I haven't seen
the "webinar") tend to frighten many technical people.

When engineers contacted me with help in defending
SQLite, it was not because they didn't understand
SQLite.  It was because they recognized that their
management did not understand SQLite, and that they
had no hope of communicating as effectively as the
Encirq sales team, and that they were desparate for
any kind of help they could get.  Sadly, they got
little help from me since I, like they, am hopelessly
outclassed by the Encirq sales people when it comes
to giving impressive talks.  On no occasion have I
told the engineers anything they didn't already know,
though I might have helped them to organize their
thoughts a little.

D. Richard Hipp <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

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