digimaster wrote: 
> Qnapclub repo was down, due to trouble.
> At the moment they rebuild the repo, should it should be fixed soon.

I noticed when installing the Spotty plugin in QLMS the spotty process
launched as admin.

After stopping QLMS and adjusting ownership and access  (CHOWN/CHMOD)
and then starting QLMS spotty now run as squeezebox server.

Before I could only play spotify from the LMS spotty app, now I can also
use the connect feature in Spottify app of my iPhone...

Will I need to adjust Owner/Access everythime I install/update a plugin?

NAS: QNAP TS-459U+ -QTS 4.2.6- (4x 2TB, RAID5)
Services: LMS- 7.9.1 -,  SSOTS- 4.14-
Squeezebox:  6x Reciever, 3x Boom, 2x SB3 Classic
Other:  iPeng on iPad and iPhone
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