Hi guys, I've been using squeezeboxes since the early days of V1
SlimStuff.  In fact I still have one working.  And 4 others from
Logitech, V2 & 3.

They've always been plagued by stream interruptions stating, "Cannot
connect to server," even when not in use, then they'll reconnect. 
Sometimes it's very quick, sometimes it's hours.  Sometimes they freeze
completely.  All using latest firmware & server software.  Have tried
previous versions also, same problem.  

The ONLY thing that helps is re-booting the computer running squeezebox
server AND re-booting router, then they perform perfectly for about a
week.  Only doing one of those things doesn't help.  I'm sick of
re-booting everything.

This happens with multiple players in virtually any format - local
server, NAS, Squeezebox.com, everything.  Happens using any router & any
signal strength (all are good & well over 50% signal on a very fast home

I'm at the end of my rope.  So before switching to the Amazon Echo,
which I don't want to do, is there anything I can try to resolve this?

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