Boulderguy wrote: 
> No chromecast or android anything.  There's a Roku that's rarely used.
> Switched 2.4ghz to a fixed ch 6 & updated router firmware.  We'll see
> what that does.
> Thanks for the ideas so far.

I got this information from an AT&T Tech. I have AT&T Uverse with one of
their DSL Modem WiFi Routers (yep, the all in one type that includes 4
enet jacks). I also have a SB Classic 3, a SB Radio, SqueezePlay
(software SB) on my Win10 desktop, and I have a RPi that runs my LMS and
SqueezeLite. So, four playing "devices" that can become more if I enable
Play mode on my Android SB controller app.

When I first set all this up with the SB Classic and LMS on a Linux
desktop years ago, I used WiFi on the SB Classic with an enet cable to
the LMS desktop. But I had odd network behavior, like what you report.
When I signed up for Uverse CableTV and the AT&T guy came to do the
install I took the opportunity to explain this odd behavior. He said
it's the AT&T Uverse modem!! For reasons he did not understand, the
router software would terminate the DHCP lease for the SB Classic but
not renew it, no matter what one tried to do. It wasn't WiFi signal, or
anything like that (channel, signal strength, noise). The only solution
was to power cycle the router. Gah!  That basically resets the entire
DHCP lease cycling. Needless to say, as you confirm in your post, that
is a right PITA. 

I went out and bought a 30-foot enet cable and ran it around the room to
the SB Classic. Situation improved a lot. When I set up the RPi to be my
LMS, I ran a 2nd enet cable for it, not trusting the WiFi DHCP
situation. I'm pretty stable with networking now, though occasionally
I'll get the pesky "rebuffering" notice for streams and, sometimes, even
"local" music on my NAS. But that happens rarely these days.

Not saying this is true for you, but here's info on my particular AT&T
Uverse DSL router:

System Information
Manufacturer    Pace Plc
Model   3801HGV
Serial Number   401119032881
Hardware Version        000778-004
Software Version
DSL Modem       8.4.D

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