gstalnaker wrote: 
> When I first set all this up with the SB Classic and LMS on a Linux
> desktop years ago, I used WiFi on the SB Classic with an enet cable to
> the LMS desktop. But I had odd network behavior, like what you report.
> When I signed up for Uverse CableTV and the AT&T guy came to do the
> install I took the opportunity to explain this odd behavior. He said
> it's the AT&T Uverse modem!! For reasons he did not understand, the
> router software would terminate the DHCP lease for the SB Classic but
> not renew it, no matter what one tried to do. It wasn't WiFi signal, or
> anything like that (channel, signal strength, noise). The only solution
> was to power cycle the router. Gah!  That basically resets the entire
> DHCP lease cycling. Needless to say, as you confirm in your post, that
> is a right PITA. 
Interesting point.  I previously had Comcast-issued modems but about a
year ago purchased an aftermarket Arris Surfboard -

No change in the situation from one modem to the other.

After extensively re-booting the router yesterday (firmware update, etc)
everything is working 100%.  The real test is if it's still working a
week from now.

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