With a network with several players .

The server ( the machine that runs your local LMS ) simply must be
ethernet wired to the router or expect constant random failures imho .

Get an even better router that can run two wi-fi networks one 5ghz ac
and one 2.4 ghz you can dedicate to legacy stuff .
Or maybe dedicated access pionts a mest network or whatnot .

What about router placement ( read up on that google is your friend )
worst case it’s in one corner of the house meaning that 3/4 of its
coverage is outside.

If one lives in a house with a whole family  not an apartment as i do .
One should not expect a singla consumer router to do the jobb .

To offroad the wi-fi further to let it do what  it should imho provide
portable stuff with network :

Ethernet wire everything thats in fixed position use  some switches if
you need , thats it ,done .
You can’t have WiFi issues if you don’t use WiFi :)
Do you have game consoles Apple TV and other networks stuff wire it .

If the router has DHCP problems . Or as a failsfe as my server and PC
and ethernet wired players comunicate via unmanaged swithes where the
router is at one of the switches local ethernet traffic is not stoppad
by me rebooting the router or anything like that .

Use static network setup on your much of your stuff . Make exceptions in
the routers adress pool so that it does not assign DHCP to these used
adressens .

Retire the old player that can only do b network . Slimp3 and squeezebox
1 also has another issue the small buffers and lack of format support
makes syncing terrible and LMS may have to transcode to PCM which uses
even more wifi bandwith.
Get some raspi based players to replace these. 

50% signal stregth as indicated by LMS or the player is terrible , it
should be close to 100% this indikator is not that good but if you get
anything but 100% you should investigate .

Seems that you had constant network issues over the years :/
Take your time to investigate how to do a good network for your need and
circumstances .
Just plonk in one simple wi-fi router and hope for the best clearly has
not helped .

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