There are all the plugins that don't have Logitech or yourself as the

    AirPlay bridge (v0.4.20.0)
  BBC iPlayer (v1.6.7)
  BBC iPlayers Extras (v3.2.0)
  Group Players (v0.9.1)
  Material Skin (v0.9.7)
  Song Scanner (v2.0)
  SuperDateTime Screensaver (v5.9.54)
  WaveInput (v1.04)

I'm also using the following plugins of yours:

  Client Cleanup (v1.0.0)
  Ignore files and folders (v0.1)
  Image Browser (v1.0)
  Lastmix (v2.0.0)
  Music and Artist Information (v1.6.4)
  Radio Paradise (v2.4.2)
  Spotty (v2.8.4)
  What Was That Tune? (v1.0.7)

Is there an extra level of logging that I can enable to see if one of
these is triggering the error?

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