chill wrote: 
> Forgive me, I don't know the first thing about Perl, but given that a
> 'compiler' error is apparently being triggered at 'run time', I'm
> guessing that it's compiled on demand ('interpreted'?).  In that case,
> would that suggest that this $ipn error is going to be triggered any
> time that red line is reached (i.e. when operating in an ipv6
> environment), because it's a second declaration within the same scope?
Good point.

I think $ipn is in the same scope as they are with the same set of
braces. Round bracket don't limit scope. That said my grasp on Perl
scope is not 100%.

LMS is mostly compiled before execution but Perl can evaluate
expressions at compile time -  so things can be get blurred.

You said, it sometime takes 2-3 goes to get going - this "feels" like
something is not ready and since this code is network related - I'm
guessing it is about network.

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