mherger wrote: 
> > This stackoverflow question seems identical to the situation and
> answer
> > is clear. So perhaps AnyEvent which doesn't have "use
> strict"
> > got included somehow into a module which is using  "use strict" .
> > 
> >
> I learned something new today! Thanks for the research. Worst case we 
> can patch that statement.
Technically no problem since no "use strict" in the file - even latest
AnytEvent::Socket has same code which is 10 years later than LMS.
I wonder is it invoked via a plugin or something like AnyEvent::HTTP
which uses "common::sense"

I think - file it away until it shows again in a more predictable way.

IN the background I may check for exceptions to the "use strict" should
only be within the same file or local scope - perhaps use of
"common::sense" which was added to AnyEvent::HTTP in 2011.

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