AFAIK, the 5.28 arm build supplied in the package is for armhf, e.g.,
rPi.  I need it for armel, e.g. kirkwood SOC typically used in "plug"
devices.  Kirkwood does not have a hardware floating point unit, so it's
done in software.  The latest armel CPAN that I know of is 5.20 which is
the standard for jessie.  I've tried to build for 5.28 3 times, takes 2
hours and doesn't complete.  The compiler exits but the prompt doesn't
return, the log just ends, and the modules are left in a mess.  I'm
wondering if the buildme script has a problem; the checking for perl
version only goes to 5.26, but it seems to find the 5.28 on the system. 
If you have a 5.28 for armel, I'm in.

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