mikeh49 wrote: 
> AFAIK, the 5.28 arm build supplied in the package is for armhf, e.g.,
> rPi.

mikeh49 wrote: 
> I need it for armel

I've pushed a commit with the binaries I have built to a forked LMS,
under a branch -my_feature/armel_5.28_binaries-. You should be able to
retrieve them from that.

Commit is here:

mikeh49 wrote: 
> I've tried to build for 5.28 3 times, takes 2 hours and doesn't
> complete.  The compiler exits but the prompt doesn't return, the log
> just ends, and the modules are left in a mess.
I don't recall having that kind of problem, and I won't attempt to guess
what your issues were. I would agree with you that the built modules
could use a bit of sorting out after the event. I might make a proposal,
provided it doesn't over-complicate matters.

Debian Buster only has perl 5.28 (by default, anyway) so the build
script does find and use that. Perhaps it should be explicitly checked
for, I'm not sure.

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